Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It's almost National Eating Disorder Awareness Week and I'm Getting Psyched!! (and busy)

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (NEDAwareness Week) 2014 is almost upon us! The official dates are February 24 - March 2, and I've got a busy week lined up.

Expect timely blog posts right here, of course, and please mark your calendars to join me for the #AdiosED Twitter Party on Monday 2/24, from 8-9PM EST. I'll be joined by a panel of other activists and mental health professional who can answer your questions and help clarify common misconceptions around eating disorders. The other panel members are Brain Cuban (@briancuban), Melissa A. Fabello (@fyahmfabello), Anne Wennerstrand (@endgrdbodiesnyc) and Mae-Lynn Reyes Rodreguez (@MLReye_PR). Feel free to tweet any of us directly during the chat with your questions about our work, or field of expertise. To learn more about the panelists, click here.

Finally, at the end of the week I'll be hopping on a plane to Tennessee, where I'll be giving a set of talks at UT Chattanooga on March 3rd. In addition to a luncheon and book club meeting where I'll discuss my book, Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall, I'm leading an event titled "Feel Good Naked with Kjerstin Gruys." Yeah - you read that title correctly. Grandma's Ruth and Rita, have no fear. I will be fully clothed, as will my audience.  I'll be talking about body image and body confidence. Can't wait!
Also, while we're on the topic of UT Chattanooga, I just found out that my fabulously brilliant sister-in-law, Mandy A., has been accepted into UTC's competitive veterinary residency program. Soooo.... GO MANDY and GO MOCS! That is all.

Oh wait, sorry: that's not all.

How will YOU be celebrating NEDAwareness Week 2014?  See you there!


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