Monday, July 29, 2013

Reporting on The Colbert Report

What a trip! FYI, Colbert has some weird random stuff back there!
So... YUP! It really happened. I was interviewed on The Colbert Report and lived to tell the tale! It was surreal, nerve-wracking, and kind of fabulous (well, I felt fabulous once it was over and I hadn't screwed up).  I'm pleased with how it went, but SO glad to be back at home, entertaining my cats instead of the nation!

To see the full clip of my interview, go HERE

And here are some photos of the night. Enjoy!

The door to the "green room" was personalized. I want one of these
signs on my office door! Oh, wait... I don't have an office door. :P

Showtime!! GULP. He was really nice, by the way.

I look calm and professional on the outside, but I was trying so hard to not fidget!

The moment after Colbert asked me to comment on Geraldo Rivera's "naked selfie."

Here is the TOP half of the "selfie." You can google the rest.
If only we all wore rose-colored glasses when we saw ourselves!

Me, apparently making an excellent point. On what, I have no idea!

And finally DONE! Celebrating w/ Michael back at the hotel.
Thanks to all of you who sent encouraging wishes! I got through the interview by imagining that the only people watching would be my friends and family. (Probably true anyway!)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tune in to The Colbert Report TONIGHT!

At long last, it's finally happening. Tune in tonight (Monday) to watch me being interviewed/verbally eviscerated by Stephen Colbert.  :) 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Eat, weigh, love? Why pre-wedding diets can lead to unhappily ever after.

Image by Eleanor Davis for the Washington Post. Original here.
Check out my latest op-ed, published in this weekend's Washington Post. 

Here's a teaser, but you'll have to go HERE to read the rest!
After a bride-to-be says yes to the dress, she often starts saying no — to carbs, desserts and other high-calorie foods. 
When I was planning my 2011 wedding, I felt the pressure to do all I could to look my most beautiful on my wedding day. In our culture, beautiful usually means thin. Indeed, a glance at the top three national bridal magazines published this month found an abundance of weight-loss advice, including “clever ways to shed those last few pounds,” tips for choosing a low-sugar juice cleanse and lists of “bloating” foods to avoid.
But dieting is exactly what brides shouldn’t do if they want to be happy, healthy, calm and confident on their wedding day. Sure, there are plenty of great reasons to be more mindful about your diet and exercise habits, but looking like a twig for your nuptials isn’t one of them. In addition to not working 95 percent of the time, dieting makes us poor decision-makers, depletes our willpower, darkens our mood and can be toxic for our intimate relationships....
Did YOU diet before the big day? Was it worth it? Did anybody else out there manage to resist the hoopla? 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Morning Body-Image Inspiration Poem

Happy Monday, from the delightful folks at Enjoy!