Monday, July 29, 2013

Reporting on The Colbert Report

What a trip! FYI, Colbert has some weird random stuff back there!
So... YUP! It really happened. I was interviewed on The Colbert Report and lived to tell the tale! It was surreal, nerve-wracking, and kind of fabulous (well, I felt fabulous once it was over and I hadn't screwed up).  I'm pleased with how it went, but SO glad to be back at home, entertaining my cats instead of the nation!

To see the full clip of my interview, go HERE

And here are some photos of the night. Enjoy!

The door to the "green room" was personalized. I want one of these
signs on my office door! Oh, wait... I don't have an office door. :P

Showtime!! GULP. He was really nice, by the way.

I look calm and professional on the outside, but I was trying so hard to not fidget!

The moment after Colbert asked me to comment on Geraldo Rivera's "naked selfie."

Here is the TOP half of the "selfie." You can google the rest.
If only we all wore rose-colored glasses when we saw ourselves!

Me, apparently making an excellent point. On what, I have no idea!

And finally DONE! Celebrating w/ Michael back at the hotel.
Thanks to all of you who sent encouraging wishes! I got through the interview by imagining that the only people watching would be my friends and family. (Probably true anyway!)


  1. You killed it, lady. So glad I could be there!

    1. Ditto! It was great to finally meet in person. Hopefully next time I won't be so frazzled. :D

  2. SO glad you sent interview with Colbert.. Had alarm set to watch but missed it! I so appreciate your views on this 'cultural body image epidemic' although, it has been around since the covering with the 'Fig leaf' in the garden.... I look forward to reading your blogs, you really have something to say.. You have put into words some of my exact sentiments, so I really feel my beliefs have been validated ... Your intelligence brings legitimacy to this prevalent life issue . Thank you, sincerely from a reader, M.

    1. Glad you found me, and thanks for the note. :)