Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Haute Hump Day vs. "Hottie Hump Day" (Gee, thanks honey!)

I'd like to give a shout out to my lovely husband, who's pronunciation and comprehension of the French language is completely nonexistent.  A few days ago Michael complimented me on my outfit from "last week's 'Hottie Hump Day'"  Yes, he thought I'd named this weekly post by creatively re-spelling "hottie" .... because I'm cool and mysterious like that, right?  It made me laugh, and also felt great to hear my husband call me a "hottie".  Life's simple pleasure, non?

Speaking of which, today's outfit is a simple pleasure.  Built around comfort and color, I've forced myself to (yet again) abandon blue jeans and a t-shirt for the sake of branching out.  I had an awful time with my camera artistry this week, so I'm throwing in a few shots that - when added together - ought give you the full picture!

For silhouette (facing East): 

Yellow Tank Top by Gap - Similar
Light Wash Denim shirt by Bella Dahl  (via Nordstrom Rack)
Olive Cropped Pants by Vince - Similar
Leather Belt by JCrew - Similar
Leather Bag by Dooney and Bourke - Similar
Shoes by Lucky Brand - Similar
Necklace, handmade by Saami artisan - Similar

For color (facing West):
All of the colors are brighter here.... including my hair!  I think it's time for some low-lights....
For random detail:
(as I double checked to make sure the 10-second timer was on.  It was.)
This necklace was handmade by a Saami artisan from Norway.
For sympathy:
(my camera was on auto-NOT-focus for ages!)
It's almost artistic.... I'm a fashionable ghost haunting my apartment complex's parking lot....

Okay, a question for all of you: How many handbags do you own?  How many is too many, how many is not enough?  How much variety in shape, size, color, and material?

FYI, the reason I'm asking is because I have an insane shoe collection, but for some reason my handbag collection tops out at six.  I haven't bought a new bag in at least 2 years, if not longer.  I guess I'm waiting for the right one to show up at the right price, but... considering that four of my six bags are either brown or orange leather, I'm feeling an urge to diversify!  


  1. necklace is pretty good!
    and sober outfit as well..

  2. I'm not a huge purse person personally. Say that 3 times fast. I find something I like and stick with it and usually it's some version of black though I have thought about branching out into brown. I had tan for a long time until I jsut wore it out but until I can find what I want at the price I want.... Here is my tip for the day. When I buy inexpenisve purses they never hold up and the higher quality more expensive purses are out of my budget. Gotta love ebay and craigs list. I bought a used once or twice Coach purse without a mark on it for $55. I looked up the original price which was something like $200. I then bought a Coach purse backpack which I love for $60. I usually stick to leather as cloth just doesn't seem to hold up. When people tell me I have a cute person I just say Thank You. Then didn't ask where I bought it and I don't feel the need to tell them. As soon as I find a brown or tan person that is almost new at a reasonable price.... it will be time to introduce the color back into my accessories.

    1. I like your strategy! It's similar to mine... :)

  3. Love this outfit - hottie! (Hi to Michael)

    1. Thanks Marilyn - hope you've been well!

  4. Ahhh! Such a cute outfit! Something I've been dying to try, but am WAY too chicken. Capri pants and I rarely get along.

    I'm really hard on my handbags. They hold my school books, laptop, a water bottle, workout gear, and all the daily gadgets that I just can't live without. As you can imagine, my bag is huge. I would probably do better with a diaper bag!

    Anyhow, because I'm so hard on these things (and because they hold so much stuff!), I max out at four bags. Transferring from one to another is a pain!

    I have a standard black one. Matt and Nat, made from recycled tires or something. It's lasted years and goes with everything, but I find that in the summer I'm looking for a bit more zing! That's where my RED Matt and Nat bag comes in. Big, but with flair and absolutely adorable.

    I also have a big yellow Fossil bag. It holds enough for an overnight trip without looking bulky. The colour is adorable, and it's a great way to add flair to an otherwise ordinary outfit.

    Finally, I have one SMALL bag that goes over the shoulder and holds just the essentials - my phone, wallet, sunglasses, and a really really small book. It's also Fossil, and it's hot pink.

    I've come to realize a few things:

    1) Matt&Nat or Fossil bags are the only bags that stand up to my lifestyle, so I'm willing to pay a little more.
    2) I will NEVER use a bag that has more than one compartment.
    3) If a bag doesn't go with most of my outfits, I'll never use it.

    As long as I stick to these, I'm set!

    As for shoes? I have many. TONS. But shoes are much easier to switch over than handbags!

    1. Thanks for the outfit compliment. I used to worry about capri pants too, but I experimented with ankle-length pants (rolled up) and found success. Also, I try to avoid capris that flare out at the bottom...

      Also, I like your 3 points for choosing bags!

  5. I love my handbags. I used to buy tons of shoes, but then I started into purses. I'm really hard on my shoes -- especially stilettos, which can easily get trashed from one night out! I have a little Kate Spade addiction, and carry those bags almost exclusively. I always buy on sale online, never retail or at the store. I have probably 15 bags or so. Sometimes I switch them out, sometimes not. I used to carry small bags but now I like big ones -- I have red, black, straw, tan, etc. Colors are good for any season and I like black for winter. I rarely wear dark brown -- I'm more into black and still of the black-or-brown-not-both school.

    1. You know, I don't think I've EVER had a black handbag, which is exactly what I'm keeping my eyes out for these days. When I worked at Abercrombie and Fitch, we weren't allowed to wear black, and I guess the habit stuck with me for too long after!

  6. I really enjoyed your blog when it was more posts about perception and less about how do I look today. I feel mean, but the fashion blogging isn't why I started following you. Is there a way to only sign up to the pertinent blogs? I feel like you have a ton of great things to say, and you phrase it well, so I would like to keep hearing - without feeling so overwhelmed in these posts.

    1. Hi Jessica,
      Thanks for your note about this... I've also felt that the pendulum has been swinging a bit too far in this direction! If you can hang in there with me for a few more days, I have content planned that re-connects with the original spirit of the blog. It's been a tough few weeks for me, so the posts have necessarily been both easier to produce and also more light-hearted. :)

    2. P.S. - thanks so much for saying something rather than just unsubscribing. Specific feedback is soo much more useful! :)

  7. Although I really enjoy your "deeper" stuff, reading your OOTD posts has been really good for me to get a new insight into your writing. I have to admit that before I knew what you looked/dressed like (beyond your profile picture) I assumed that you were a painstaking, fast-fashion dresser who never wore the same thing twice and wore stilettos all the time. That made sense for me, for someone who worried about their appearance, to fit into that mold. Seeing that you have a very different style and different style struggles to what I expected makes me realise (again) that what we see on the outside does not necessarily show us the inside.

    On the topic of handbags, the idea of owning more than one baffles me. I own one medium-sized bag that I wear with every outfit and take to every occasion. If I can't fit everything into my handbag, I leave stuff behind. I've owned three handbags in my life: one was given to me and has been used only a few times due to its puny size, one is a camo messenger bag I bought at an army surplus store and used for six years and the last is a fake leather bag bought to replace my broken messenger bag.

    The idea of a handbag being part of an outfit is very strange to me, and I never see anyone's bag in an outfit post unless they call attention to it in their writing.

  8. contrary kiwi - you're comment was such a delight! Stilettos all the time... oh that would be very bad for my feet and ankles. How fun to realize that my fashion passion built up such an impression. Yes, I do like girlie/sexy/vampy clothes on occasion, but more for special occasions than every day. I struggle to NOT wear the same thing every single day! In fact... here's a secret: I often DO wear the same outfit two days in a row, it just depends on who I'm going to see! If there isn't any overlap and I haven't spilled anything on myself (this second part is an issue for me), well... why not?! :)

    I try to choose handbags that fit for multiple occasions so I don't feel any pressure to switch them around. That said, when I started to do fashion posts, I saw that other fashion-y bloggers always had different bags for different outfits, and I didn't want to disappoint! Of course, my bags are all pretty similar to each other, so I didn't get to be quite as creative as I'd hoped...

    1. I'm very glad you appreciated my comment. I actually deleted it first time around, but then I thought you'd probably appreciate how I'd unconsciously developed a false perception of you based on your writing.

      Haha although I don't like to wear the same outfits every day because I get bored of them, I'll often wear elements of them repeatedly until they get too dirty.

      Isn't that interesting that fashion blogging is often lauded for being an inspiration to ignore fashion "rules" and do one's own thing...and then we find ourselves getting stuck following the "fashion blog rules"? It seems to me that we humans find it very easy to follow rules, even when they don't make a whole lot of sense!

  9. I only have 5 bags and tend to change my out seasonally! Instructive to see the difference a direction of light makes in the photos and like your husband, my husband has come up with some interesting pronunciations himself.

  10. Interesting question, I think I have about 10, but that's only because I inherited some nice ones from my mom that I couldn't bear to throw out, but seldom use because she liked smaller bags than I do, not usually lugging around a cell phone and such. I really usually have 2 that I might use for summer and 1 for winter and then a dressy one for evening. But, I'm trying to do better and diversify a little. Sadly, I'm much more of a clothes person than an accesory person, but I have a good friend who is working fashion rehab on me.

  11. Love it so cute. And the last picture is priceless, and I'm sure was loads of fun :)

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