Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Haute Hump Day - Leopard Print Cardi, Tangerine Bag, Turquoise Top - Perfecto!

Haute Hump Day is doing it's job plus overtime.  
Todays outfit started out with my usual t-shirt and jeans.  A few months ago I would have been proud of myself for picking out a particularly cool t-shirt (cool because 1. it's a linen blend, and 2. because it's an asymmetrical cut), but it would have stopped there.  

Today, thanks to my commitment to actually taking pictures of myself and posting them online, I added: a funky leopard-print card, a teardrop turquoise necklace, a bright tangerine bag, and ... heels instead of flats.  Want to know the best part?  It's just as comfortable as the original, just waaaay more cute!.  What do you think? :)

Leopard Print Cardigan by JCrew - Similar
Turquoise Drop Necklace - Similar
Tangerine Astor Satchel Bag by Michael Kors - Similar
Platform Leather Sandals by Mia - Similar

Accessories Still Life.  I feel like an artist. Beautiful!
A tip for anyone who has struggled to layer over an asymmetrical shirt.  Try hooking the bottom button of your cardigan BEHIND your back, which turns your straight-angeled card into something similarly fluttery.  See below:
Not trying to show off my butt, just my
button-the-bottom-button-behind-your-back cardigan trick!
I love this "Fluttered Hem Tee" so much that I got it (on sale) in 3 colors!
So tell me: What are YOU wearing today? 
Also - any other ideas for accessory color combos that work well with turquoise?? 


  1. I particularly love turquoise with:

    *Bright, happy red
    *Lavender (has to be the right shade, as to not look too Eastery)

    Your outfit would also be cute if you had the cardigan on normally, but then had it belted! (I think that would work with the asymmetrical shirt?) It looks good in my mind!

  2. Today's outfit is adorable! I love it when bright colors are paired up and anytime you can weave in leopard print in a tasteful way it's a win! Well done :) My current favorite pairing with turquoise is orange or coral. Funny enough, that's what I'm wearing today!

    Here's the whole outfit:

    Today I'm wearing a coral open weave dolman sleeved sweater (purchased at a cute avery affordable boutique in my hood) layered over a white Old Navy camisole. The sweater has white threads woven in which gives it a more interesting look. This is paired back to Gap 1969 Perfect Boot jeans and Chinese Laundry taupe colored patent "leather" mary jane heels. I have a turquoise scarf and gold drop earrings with corral and turquoise accents. Finishing off practically, I have my beloved taupe Marc Jacobs faridah bag. I can carry my whole world in this thing! Oh I can't forget to mention my most imortant accessory - my watch :) I love watches and have amassed a decent collection.

  3. What a FUN outfit! I'm heading to my closet right now to change into something less boring than I'm wearing right now (sagging light gray capris, blue & white heathery t-shirt and flip-flops). The outfit I have on screams "BEWARE - STRESSED OUT MOM"! I'll be trying to put together something that says "This edgy (as opposed to "on-edge") Mama loves a challenge so bring it on, kids"!

  4. Me again. Just had a thought - how about some big goldish earings, maybe with some orange, brown, or turqoise to tie things together?

  5. I agree with the red. I also like the combo of turquoise/coralish red/yellow. I have a pair of earrings that would look great with that shirt!

  6. I like the cardigan trick. And the asymmetrical top looks great.

    I'm wearing a gathered denim skirt, sleeveless cotton blouse in red with white stars, and flip flops.

  7. I'm wearing a black and white floral print dress from Ross $16.99 and my BFF thought I'd gotten it at White House Black Market! SCORE! A turquoise cardigan, and I was wearing turquoise sandals. Sadly, I was playing with puppy (well that was fun!) and I forgot jewelry- I meant to wear silver bangle bracelets and my ever present diamond studs.

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  9. You look amazing!! I`m jealous!!!

  10. Actually the summer trend coming up is turquoise and navy. Seriously, my friend just had to style an entire wall at Talbots for this week! Has a nice Greek/Nautical feel to it. PS-Love it with the leopard print too, smokin!

  11. You look awesome! The whole look is a stunner!

  12. I think your beautiful!! I just saw your 20/20 interview on yahoo and came straight to your blog! I loved what you did! That is DEDICATION! Anyway I just wanted to say i am 21 years old and a size 2 to a 4 and I think just because I am built the way I am people assume i am confident! In which that is not the case at all. Even ask my boyfriend... he has definitely experienced me at my worst. In those couple minutes of reading your blog and watching your video, I already feel better about myself. Every girl looks in the mirror and wants to critique every small thing about themselves, NOMATTER WHAT SIZE THEY ARE! And thats why I love that you are not just about the "normal sized girl", the "skinny girl" or the "bigger girl"! You root for everyone, nomatter what size they are.

    Your beautiful inside and out.

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