Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 350: The Suspense Continues (Taking a Sick Day)

Instead of writing this week's Fun Fact Friday, I'm headed to sleep early.  I had to take a "sick day" today... the cough continues and I've managed to strain the intercostal muscles in my chest wall so it feels like a horse is kicking me every time I breath in or out too deeply (or cough).  That said, I feel like I'm about to turn a corner on this thing, but need to baby myself for another day or two.  More soon, and have a great weekend!
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  1. Airplanes!! All of my bicoastal trainees, I know as soon as they get back from however many hours on a germ filled tin can in the winter or spring, they're going to be sick. Fresh ginger slices in hot water--won't do anything for the muscles but might help everything else. Look after yourself!

    1. Exactly. Airplanes=germ incubators. Plus it can't help encountering a whole different set of illnesses that live 3000 miles away. And of course going somewhere that is actually having a winter (unlike the Bay Area) doesn't help either.

  2. Take good care!

  3. Boo! Sounds just awful! Sending well wishes your way. Feel better soon!

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