Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 354: New Blog Design!

Hi everyone!  After lots of internal debate, I've decided to give my blog a major makeover.  As much as I've loved the bright colors and "broken mirror" background I've used over the past several months, I've decided that I need to head in the direction of greater readability (no more migraine headaches from visual overstimulation!), and easy navigation between features.  Just as my year-without-mirrors has involved a process of self-examination and growth, so too has my blogging.

Some new features to look out for (and use!) include:
1) New button on the side-bar to "Like me on Facebook".  (BTW- Please like me.  It's a lonely new page that needs more friends!)
2) A direct link to my soon-to-be re-designed personal/professional homepage (www.KjerstinGruys.com) in the main navigation bar.
3) New "Q&A" page.
4) Updated Contact page.

Thanks for your patience while I remodel bit-by-bit over the next few days/weeks - I hope you enjoy the changes as much as I do!


  1. I just read your whole blog! fantastic x10. Think you may have just hit the reverse in your title and gone back 100 days! :) Can't wait till March 25th for you!

  2. DharmaMeetsDogma - Thank you so much for catching my title mistake. I've fixed it.
    SO glad you've enjoyed the blog!!

  3. Love your new title box..can not believe it has been almost a year...what will be next I wonder?

    1. Hi L.B.
      I'm so glad to hear that you like the new title box. I commissioned a "crowd-sourcing" design from 99designs.com, and picked this one as the "winner."
      As for what's next... I'll definitely be continuing the blog indefinitely. As far as I'm concerned, the experiment can't end at day 365 - how will I know if I've really changed if I don't do some follow up. That said, I'm working on ideas for transitioning the blog away from this more focused topic toward something more sustainable over time - but still unique to my experiences and expertise. We'll both have to wait and find out, no?

  4. Well, the font of the titles ("Day 354:.....") is not readable, especially when you capitalize all the letters in a word. Like BIG truth.

    I miss the mirror motif too. Maybe you can reincorporate it into the banner heading at the top. It doesn't have to be so very readable, and is looking a tad sparse.

    1. Hey Anonymous,
      Great suggestions! I was wavering on the post titles, so I've switched that back to a more readable text. As for the sparsity issue... I'm actually enjoying it for that very reason! Hopefully people won't be too sad about what I had to remove to get here...

  5. I LOVE the new look!! Very cool! =)