Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 314: How I Ruined My Hair, Then Fixed It, Then Ruined It Again (Maybe)

I am so sorry.  I've kept you all in the dark about an emotionally-wrenching saga that has been at play for over a month.  It's my hair.

Obviously an at-home dye-job, right?
The saga started with boredom.  A few weeks before Christmas I felt that itch to mess with my hair, to do SOMETHING different.  All my adult life I've been looking for that perfect haircut+color combo that perfectly expresses who I am.  Alas, some days I feel retro punk and androgynous, while other days I like to channel classic (über)femininity.  I am alternatively a student and a teacher, a reader and a writer, a fashionista and a stays-in-her-PJs-all-day slouch, a glamazon bombshell and a no-makeup-Mondays all-natural kinda gal  These multiple personae are easy enough to accomplish with a varied wardrobe, but not so much with hair.  On the day in question I felt too natural, too slouchy, and not sufficiently glamorous or edgy.  The solution?: put Gwenyth Paltro's hair on my head. Duh.
The "root" of my (hair's) destruction...

It didn't even seem that risky: my hair is naturally light-ish blonde and pin-straight, so it just needed to be lighter.  On a tight budget?  No worries, that's what Walgreens is for, right?  (I mean, Gwenyth obviously colors her own hair from a $7 box dye too... ugh, I am so dumb).  I left the store with two boxes of "Very Light Beige Blonde" by Féria.  Once home, I followed the directions exactly, sans-mirrors.  Once the timer went off, I washed the dye out, dried my hair, and then eagerly peered at the ends (which I could see without mirrors).  It looked fantastic!  Pale blonde, just like the hair I had when I was a kid.  Yes!!  Then I showed Michael.   Well, to be more specific, I accosted him in our TV room, flipping my (supposedly) Gwenyth Paltro hair and posing for imaginary paparazzi.
"Ta-da!  Surprise!  What do you think?!"  
"Woah!  Wow... it looks... cool!" (he paused) "I mean, it's what you meant to do, right?  It's kind of... bright..."
"Yeah, well I wanted to lighten it."
"Huh. Okay,'s definitely lighter..."
My heart sank.  Michael is color-blind.  If he was seeing a problem, there was a problem. "Okay... what's the deal?  What aren't you telling me?"
"Well... it's not awful, but it's kind of different colors. It looks weird near your face.  It's really yellow near your face."  Of all the colors, Michael can see yellow.  Gulp.
After more quizzing, I learned that the hair near my scalp was bright yellow, "Like, neon."  This wasn't predictable, but it was explainable: before my wedding I'd gotten highlights.  My hair had grown since then.  The highlighted parts were perfect, but my roots were... neon yellow.  I thought, Hrmmm... maybe I just didn't leave the dye on long enough to lighten my roots!   So I did what any sensible woman would do: I took out the second box of hair dye, and colored my hair again.  (I cringe while writing this)  Unsurprisingly, per Michael, my hair looked even worse after round 2.  Shit.  

Nikki's profile image from the Dekko site.
She is actually a lot smilier in person.  They
also forgot to draw her "hair angel" halo!
I waved a neon yellow flag of defeat, and decided it was time to seek help from a pro.  Since money has been tight, Michael decided that having my hair fixed at a salon would be his Christmas gift to me.  I made an appointment for a 15-minute consultation with a "color specialist" at Dekko Salon (fantastic yelp reviews + only 1 block from our apartment!), for the next day.  I arrived wearing a fuzzy pink beret which I hoped looked casually chic and not at all like I was hiding a bad dye job.  Minutes later I met Nikki, an energetic brunette who immediately put me at ease.  Apparently she'd seen worse (whew!), and I was lucky: since my hair was so light, she wouldn't have to bleach out any dye before darkening it back to my natural color.  Before I left the consultation, Nikki took pity on me and applied a "toner" to take things down a notch before the full repair, scheduled for two days later.

Confession: at this point I hadn't told Nikki about my no-mirrors project!  I know, I know.  I should have.  But I already felt like a huge moron for ruining my hair, and I didn't want to seem like a crazy moron. So all this time, I sat in Nikki's chair, directly facing a mirror, attempting to hold a conversation with her while avoiding eye-contact with myself.  It was terribly awkward, and I'm not sure I didn't seem like a crazy moron anyway.  Even though I didn't allow myself to stare, it was impossible to avoid catching glimpses in the mirror.  (By "glimpses" I actually mean flashes of my neon hair.  It was like trying to not read the highlighted portions of somebody else's textbook.)

Two days later, I returned for the full "corrective color" appointment, which involved 2+ hours of Nikki sectioning off highlights, bleaching just-the-highlights to take away the yellow pigment at my roots, and then dying the rest of my hair back to its natural color.  This time - facing multiple hours in the salon chair - I fessed-up to Nikki about not being able to look in the mirror.  I felt sheepish for not explaining things earlier, but Nikki was cool with it, and maybe even a little bit impressed.  She kindly spun the chair away from the mirror, and we spent the rest of the time chatting about our lives while she worked her magic.  While washing dye out of my hair (my 4th color application in 5 days!), Nikki assured me that everything looked good. I believed her.  After a luxurious 20-minute blow-dry Nikki snapped 2 photos for her Facebook page, and I was on my way.  I walked home with an intentional bounce in my step (I wanted to feel my locks swingin' with my sway)!  Michael confirmed that my hair was, indeed, fixed. I felt beautiful.  Hooray!

This is what my hair (probably) looks like now.
Okay, it probably doesn't look quite this good,
but you get the idea!
Sadly, after all I had put it through, my hair was fragile.  It tangled easily, and started looking frayed at the ends.  Nikki had warned me about this, suggesting that a trim was in my near future.  Assuming the worst, I bid my long hair goodbye.  While visiting my parents over Christmas, I went to see Cinthia (my beloved hairstylist, since high-school) and we decided to take of seven - yes, SEVEN - inches.  I still feel iffy about it (I miss my pony tail!!!), but Michael says I look hot.  My hair was short when we first met, so maybe it's a dé-ja-vu thing...

I "friended" Nikki on Facebook.    In one of her photo albums (titled "3-D Blondes") I found the two pictures she snapped on the day she "corrected"(i.e., saved) my hair.  Unlike that day in the salon, I let myself stare.  Yes, this breaks one of my rules, but I've forgiven myself.  I can't see my face (I had to email Nikki to be sure it was even me!), and my hair doesn't look like that anymore, anyway.  These pictures prove that I looked as beautiful as I felt that day.  It makes me sad that I cut off so much length. Did I do the right thing?  I don't know.  Alas, hair grows back and life goes on...

* What's the stupidest thing you've ever done to your hair?  I'd love stories of mullets, 80s perms, bad dye-jobs, and anything else I haven't thought of.  Make me feel better about this saga!
* Also, Long vs. Short Hair: Discuss!
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  1. The stupidest thing I've ever done: attempting to lighten my naturally darker brunette hair. I thought it would be cool to be blond; my hair had other ideas. It turned bright orange! Needless to say, I very quickly went back to brunette...This was with hair colorant from the store. Had I gone to a salon, probably would have been able to avoid looking like I had carrot-colored locks.

    Long vs. Short Hair: For me, short hair is convenient. This is because I work in the restaurant business; in the kitchen our hair has to be up off our collars and under a hat/hairnet. I do miss long hair though, as I love braiding it. But due to the fact my hair is thick wearing long hair up under a hat for my job is impossible - causes headaches. So I have to be content with getting my "braiding fix" via my Hubby; he has gorgeous long hair with silky texture, and loves when I brush it for him.

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  2. The worst thing I ever did to my hair is some how simultaneously the best thing I ever did to my hair. I'm and art student. It was the end of the semester. I had had one libation to many and I decided that I wanted a mohawk. So I got some scissors and started hacking away, working up and over from the right side of my head. But half way through I sobered up and chicken-ed out. It looked disastrous, patchy and weird and frizzy and just awful. Luckily my brother is really good at cutting hair. He trimmed it into this really glamorous kind of avaunt guard fop. I love it and I get compliments on my hair all the time. It was definitely a happy accident.

  3. I have dark, dark brown hair naturally. And very thick.

    Several years back, I bleached the snot out of my hair and dyed it BLUE. I mean, BLUE. And I loved it! ... For a few months then it started going green. (Apparently, the vegetable-based Manic Panic, with the right treatment, will stick forever.) So I went to have it corrected, and the stylist put orange over the top of it.

    ... Did I mention this was a Master Cuts in the mall?

    I hated it. And she ruined one of my favorite shirts.

    So I let that grow out, and eventually went back to the deep maroon I had been doing, and then let that all grow out for a few years.

    A year ago (full year on the 4th of this month), I had my friend help me bleach and color my hair again. The idea was to do just the underside purple, but we didn't separate the hair properly. So I had a stripe. Oh, and the dye I picked didn't stick well at all, so it turned pink. And now it's a weird bleh-looking pink.

    ... So I'm going to try and fix it myself. I'd rather have -me- to blame than lamenting over someone else screwing it up!

  4. I'm a natural dirty blonde and twice have decided to attempt a darker look. BOTH times my hair turned orange, and both times they were done at a different salon and not by myself at home. Needless to say, I have sworn off EVER messing with the color of my hair. I'm embracing what I was born with: lighter in the summer and darker in the winter. And from what hairstylists have told me, with a unique color that includes natural highlights, I should : )

  5. Worst thing I ever did...wasted money and time. I liked this guy (yeah, I know, bad start) and he was kind of punk. I wasn't, really, but I wanted to impress him.

    I have dark brown hair. I spent a couple hundred dollars and six hours at a salon becoming "punk"--bleached highlights then dyed red, and the rest black. Of course, this was on hip-length, ringlet-curly hair, so I didn't look punk regardless.

    I didn't impress the guy. I kind of separated from him. My hair looked okay while it lasted, but it started fading in a really nasty way and I realized how stupid I'd been. So I spent MORE money and more hours at the salon (seven this time!) to get it back to my natural color. (I really, honestly, don't know how my stylist did this. It involved a lot of bleach and varying color brown dyes. I think he's a wizard.)

    Unfortunately, it was (as yours) very damaged, and later it contributed to the need to cut off a full eighteen inches. (Yeah, eighteen.) Thankfully, the haircut was cathartic and I love short hair!

  6. I have dark, thick, naturally curly hair. My mom has short, light, STRAIGHT hair. She convinced me to do a layered bob for my senior year. My hair looked like a mushroom, the under layer having the weight to hang down, and the upper layer frizzing, curling, and sticking straight out. Now, I occasionally color grays, and cut my own hair at just below shoulder length.

  7. Before my family Christmas party last year, I decided that I needed to fix my roots. I also have natural dark blonde hair, very curly, and after a few years of a devistating maroon phase, I finally went back to the perfect blonde. I loved it, and everyone else agreed that I look best blonde, but my inch and a half long roots ratted me out.
    I decided that a box job wouldn't be the best idea, so I went to Sally's Beauty Supply. With the assistance of the associate, I chose a mixture of chemicals promising to keep me from looking like a neon sign (been there, done that, TOO many times to count). Well, I got home, followed the directions precicely, including the toner. Thankfully, my hair did not turn a shade of neon at all, but instead, a very natural GRAY. I now know exactly how beautiful I'll be if I make it to 60 with great skin. Not willing to take Christmas pictures the next day looking older than my mother, I had no choice but to dye it brown to cover it up.

  8. Hi! I'm a fellow sociologist and I've been following your blog since about July. Thanks for being so open about the process.

    Anyway, I thought of your project when I saw the Naked Face Project on another blog and thought I should pass it along:

    1. Thanks so much for this link... I am reading about this with excitement and fascination. I'm tempted to join the project, but I think I've got too much on my plate at the moment to add another cause. How cool though... :)

  9. The worst thing I have done to my hair is (self) perm ONLY MY BANGS in college. My crush on some guy I barely remember now had something to do with my "need" to do something to my hair. I had long straight fine/thin blonde hair and my bang-only perm job would have looked bad enough, BUT - I left the perm solution on too long and it burned my bangs right off! Yikes - I then started wearing a blue bandana around my head - which undoubtedly really impressed my crush. I shudder to remember - ugh!

  10. I actually think the worst thing that ever happened to my hair was puberty. I had slightly wavy hair and then came the curls. And the frizz. I know we always want what we don't hair but take the curls and frizz. High school was a horrible time for me and my hair. Thankfully since then the greatest thing since sliced bread has come along- the straightener!
    In high school, my hair during sophomore year saw every color of the rainbow. I dyed it with punky colour and kool aid. Luckily since I already had blonde hair I didn't have to bleach it( maybe a little lemon or sun in helped) On my last week of school I decided to do something more drastic. I went rainbow. Red sections by the front of my face with stripes in each side ending in a purple streak in the back of my head. I thought I looked awesome of course but this dye job landed me in the salon for 6 hours of color stripping. Thanks mom Funny thing though, I actually missed the colors in my hair after. I did venture with pink streaks again both in college and while I was home on maternity leave. I just think its fun to change things up a bit. If I didn't work in such a serious environment, I think I would so it more often. Maybe not the full spectrum.
    Bottom line, it's just hair. It grows and you can change it. Time and money solves that one! I think a good trip to the salon 4-5 times a year is a good investment in my hair. I treat this as a splurge and it took a long time to fess up to Ryan the cost but as long as I'm not going crazy with other maintenances, it's ok for me.
    I bet your hair looks great now but I'm with you on short hair. It's easy but I love the ponytail solution. And I don't think you are cheating looking at your hair. I think I could go without looking in the mirror for clothes or make up(I've been know to go bare on the weekends) but not my hair. I think it's actually one of the things in most self conscious about. I think I look better when it's down but when it's wavy, I need to check it out. Those curls either look great or horrible. And not in a good sex hair way.
    Good luck with everything, you're doing a great job.

  11. First of all, the new hair cut is hot. Michael is right. In terms of hair destruction... most of us have been there, done that. I went from hair I could sit on and was offered a modeling job to cutting it into a Dorothy Hamill style wedge over a break up with a guy. The only who suffered from that was me. And then there was the girlfriend who got lots of dates so I decided to add highlights to my hair and ended up with bright orange streaks. And then there was the time I wanted a body wave but my hair was long and straight and the wave wouldn't hold so I got a perm and looked like I had put my finger in a socket or had been in a hurricane and miles of tangled frizz. And then there was the time.... and I hate to admit it but now that my hair is back to being long, the middle of back, and healthy I'm thinking about changing the color!! Honestly I think that doing these things to our hair is a right of passage like men scratching their balls and maybe we would each be less of a woman if we didn't do these things at least once.

    My niece put a henna rinse on her hair which turned it Lucy red and then it all broke off! And so the story goes...

  12. One thing I learned at an early age is not to try to do my own hair. If you are going to color your hair, get a professional to do it. A professional colorist knows how to enhance your looks with color and highlights. Decide now you deserve it. You know if your hair doesn't look good, you will not feel like your best self. The world deserves your best self. Consider it an investment.


  13. Well I am sure most of us have done stupid stuff. Me..Well if you have color on your hair aren't you suppose to remove that color before you change the color. So, i bought the color out went home and proceeded to turn my hair orange!! Yes ORANGE! My children laughed their heads off and, me too, it cost a pretty penny to get it corrected. Sylist love us do it yourself girls.

  14. I have been dying my hair since 1995 and don't even know what the real color is. A lot of I think is grey now so last year my at home dye jobs stopped working. Well they worked but not the way one wants. I had spots that were one color and spots that were another, still other spots another color. I didn't realize it until I went to work and people started asking me about my hair color and pointing out the flaws. I think my husband has decided not to say anything anymore. I tried to fix it too by dyeing it again. I received even more comments of, "what did you do to your hair?". I think they all knew I wasn't going for something wild since that isn't really me. So I broke down and went to our local Beauty School where I get my hair cut for $12.00. They colored it for $23.00. Yes it is scary having a student but the instructors watch them. I now go to them every month to get the roots done, no going back. I had someone at work after my hair was fixed say to me, "You won't make us go through that ever again will you?" "That was just awful." Can you believe it? My hair was definitely communal property that week.

    My other bad hair experience was when I let a friend of mine cut my hair into a shag. We were living in apartments owned by the seminary we were attending so everyone knew everyone else. One of the woman in the building saw me and came over a day or two after I got it cut and said, "You did get your hair cut, but I like it." Shortly after that, I had someone cut off the shag part.

  15. wow -
    so many hair stories.
    I used to be a model for trainee hairdressers -
    which meant they would try out new cuts on me.
    And I would get the latest haircut for free!
    As a student, I loved this -
    Having my hair dyed and cut all the time,
    all kinds of styles -
    the craziest thing I ever had being a red/pink mohawk.

    A coule of years ago though, I got sick of random people in the street staring or looking a bit scared even when I asked for directions or something. Now, in my early thirties, I have long, dark brown hair with short bangs. Still a bit special, but girly. Or feminine, anyway.

    The worst thing I ever did was in high school. I was about thirteen and desperate for a tough-girl punk look. I had long-ish hair, and I cut it of... on one side... with my mom's nail scissors! I looked awful for months, until the short hair grew enough to make a new, acceptable haircut.

    But, as you say -
    hair grows back, very quickly even.
    And I kind of like short hair on women -
    I think it can make you look über-feminine -
    when combined with nice, a bit classic, feminine clothes. Like an LBD. Or a red one, for that matter.
    I sometimes contemplate having a pixie cut myself.
    But I know I will feel I look like a boy -
    I'm not very curvy, if you catch my drift.

    Anyway, I like short hair. Honestly.

  16. by the way -
    I think the only way to go with a failed hair experiment is to enjoy it and act like you mean it.
    I remember I used to dye my hair black, until I suddenly felt an urge for blonde hair. I put the blonde over the black - my hair ended up all patchy orange-blonde-brown-black... really weird!
    BUT people actually complimented me on it and asked me who did it.

    It doesn't really matter what your hair looks like, as you long as you wear it proud! ;)

  17. I know this is weeks late: but after my father left my mother (after 31 years of marriage), I went to my hairstylist and told her to cut my hair. I had waist length hair and had never, ever had anything that I could not pull back into a braid/ponytail.

    She cut.

    And I had the shortest (though by most standards still pretty long) hair I'd ever had. When people asked why I did it, I was calling it the least harmful form of self-mutilation. And, seriously, when I had NO CLUE what to do with my short hair, it felt as if I had mutilated myself :) Thankfully, hair does grow!

  18. I decided to do chunky layers of my naturally medium/dark brown colored hair in a deep maroon. Well, I sort of lost patience halfway through and ended up doing my entire head of hair that color. It looked kind of cool but my hair felt awful and every time I took a shower the water was bright red and then turned pink! Haha it was awful but fun to do.

    I get sort of bored with my hair so I do kind of stupid things. I also later on went to a salon and got some under layers of my hair bleached blonde and died blue. Eventually they turned into this gross blonde green tie-dye section so I went back and got some more sections of hair died to blonde and red but after all that I regret it (as I usually do) and just want my natural hair back. So, I have weird half-dyed blond streaky hair but I got it home-dyed (by someone who does this often so it was fine) back to a brown color so it's not as terrible. Just waiting for it to grow back!

  19. Humm stupidest thing i did was bleeech my black hair to blonde it took 5 sessions of bleech and still a bit yellow.. and im not missing 5 inches of my hair :(!

  20. Ok so my hair is aburn, and i bleached it and it turned out goldish blond, then i dyed it pink but it turned out orange D: HELP!! How do I make my hair be the color i want it to be????

    1. you should have continued to bleach it more before you put the pink dye on there, if you want a lighter pink, then get your hair bleach blonde before you dye it or if you want darker pink get your hair just normal blonde before you dye it.

  21. Okay so this is recent. I also felt that I wanted to change my hair color or needed some change in my life. So I decided to dye my hair red or auburn like Ariana Grande's hair. IT WAS AN EPIC FAIL. My friend who said knew what she was doing.... Idk if she did but my hair looked horrible. I have silky thick black hair (Asian hair) and she bleached it. At first it looked cool, but the colors weren't even. Then she dyed it red, I didn't know if I liked it or not. I woke up the following morning looking at myself thinking what have I done to my natural hair! I freaked and decided to change it back to my natural hair color. I noticed that my hair got deff. got dry and now I'm praying for my natural hair to grow back ASAP!

  22. I've dyed my hair so many times. I think, if i never dyed it the first time in my life, that I wouldn't have to keep dying it, because there would be nothing to fix; no roots to cover up. It used to be really unhealthy. The first time I ever dyed it my mom begged me not to but I kept asking and kept begging because I wanna to have black shiny hair. Over the last five years my hair has been: black, blonde, pink, Elmo red, and brown. My natural hair color is brown, well more of an auburn color and very shiny, my hair used to shine so bright n grew very fast. I've actually bleached my hair 3 days in a row before. Just a little bit of my hair broke off, and it was only because i didn't have the liquid and powder bleach in proportion to each other. Yes, I've always dyed/cut my hair myself. I'm not too bad lol. Tonight I searched the web of how to fix your roots growing through, now this actually didn't happen to me. See, what had happened was my hair was black once again. Well I decided I wanted it back brown so i got some blonde hair dye to make it lighter and bring it back to a brownish color. I had forgot that my roots take color alot more than the rest of my hair, so when I got out the shower, my roots were bright strawberry blonde and the rest of my hair was still dark brown almost black. And when I say my roots, I mean no matter where I part my hair you can see the bright color. I dyed it with brown dye the next day but it is still really light and to make it worse I have a small undercut(if you know what that is) and it is bright colored too. See I have a meeting tomorrow to see which school I will be going to. I'm not aloud to wear a hat, I have no money, and no ride to the store. Please help. This low self confidence is going to be the death of me. When I feel like I look awful it ruins mostly my whole day and I can't stand that.

  23. pleased i am not on my own in doin stupid things to my hair!

    i have completly ruined mine.

    i have always been lucky to have beautiful hair no matter how much dye or 'home cuts' i put it through. But for the last 10 years decided hairdressers only, every 4 weeks which just made my hair even more beautiful....until i had my son.
    i found it difficult to get to the salon so thought 'i know i'll do it myself'....brilliant idea!!!
    i have now been dying it quite regualy at home myself always using the same dye. Just before xmas dyed it again... and while rinsing, clumps of my hair followed the dye down the plug. and i mean loads!!!
    since my great idea i have a patch (luckily at the back) the size of the palm of my hand where my hair is now 2cm long (the rest of my hair is down to my boobs)
    Im now unable to even brush my hair as it is completely fried at the back. I have been too embarrassed to go to hairdressers but have had to bite the bullet this week as seriously getting me down now...i have made a appointment for friday but fears i may have to lose my long locks...
    any ideas would be apprieciated...dont want it short

  24. The Stupidest thing Ive done to my hair.... Well I had a hair tie stuck in my hair so when I tried to cut the hair tie out (and I wasn't looking in a mirror) I cut the front part of the side of my hair. NO I have it cut in like three different spots I also have a bald spot in the front ,but a very non-noticeable one,.... I look like I went to a toddler to cut my hair.

  25. hi, i'm after some hair advice and i figured you guys have had some disasterous experience!! i leave school soon so i'll be allowed to colour my hair i have naturally dark brown hair which i love and i have never dyed literally just had it cut! i don't want to lose my natural colour or ruin my hair, i've alwaysed wanted to have purple streaks so i'm thinking of getting some when i leave i want to get it done at a salon not at home i've heard that i can ruin you natural hair colur is this true? is it possible to have noticable purple without bleaching all/part ofmy hair and what does it do to your hair? will it grown out eventually? is it worth the effects? in the meantime (until i leave) i'm going to get it permed (i need to change it!)does the perm drop out eventually? if so when the spiral perm has droped out can i get it streaked purple? what dye would you suggest i know nothing about this!! please help
    (anonymous person who needs your opinion!!)

    1. Yes, you'd have to bleach parts of your hair. If nothing has been done previously on your hair, the purple wouldn't be so bad as long as your hair isn't super thin/porous. Now as for doing that after a perm, I wouldn't if I were you.. Perms permanently rebond the disulfide bonds in your hair and make the hair a different shape (curly/wavy)

  26. is kool aid a drink or a dye some people say its a drink but when i was googling about hair colours they said dye your hair with kool aid ?????!!!!
    crazy4hair :D

    1. Kool aid is a drink, but it comes in bright colors like red and blue that people often use to dye their hair

  27. I have naturally thick, wavy dark brown hair and I recently decided to try out an ombre (the hair color gradually gets lighter, mine is dark brown at the top and blond at the bottom) but my stylist didn't do quite as well as I'd hoped, and now it looks horrid and the ends are sort of ratty. Any tips for trying to get my original back? :(

  28. When I was 16 I decided to dye my hair red. I dyed it with a semi-permanent hair dye on my unbleached natural hair. My natural hair color is a dark golden brown color with some hints of red, and the red I used was very pigmented and was more of a pinkish red rather than a orangy-red. It looked beautiful! But since it was a semi-permanent brand and I didn't bleach it, it faded completely out of my hair after 3 weeks. When my hair got back to its natural color, I decided to lighten it with Hydrogen Peroxide. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? But it actually works and it's not as harmful as bleaching it (and yes, I know what bleach is and how it works, I've been studying Cosmetology during high school for the past 3 years.) In a spray bottle I mixed 1/2 a cup of Hydrogen Peroxide and 1/4 cup of water, I sprayed this mixture all over my hair until it was completely saturated with it and went out in the sun for about 2 hours (note: lightening your hair with Hydrogen Peroxide only works with sunlight.) After those 2 hours, voilà! It lightened about 3 shades and turned my hair a beautiful chocolatey caramel-y color, I loved it! I got many compliments on my hair! After about a week of lightening it, I dyed it again with the same red hair dye that I used before to see if it would look brighter and last longer. It did look a whole lot brighter (which I loved) but lasted the same amount of time, which was around 3 weeks, only that this time I had some streaks of the faded red dye around my hair. I didn't really mind about the leftover faded dye streaks, they actually added some dimension to my caramel-chocolate hair. After about 5 months, in the summer, I lightened it with Hydrogen Peroxide once again and got a light golden brown color. I lightened it again because I wanted to dye my hair purple. I used a different brand this time. Since it was a semi-permanent hair dye, it doesn't have any harmful chemicals in it, and I had been told before that you do not have to leave it in the recommended amount of time mentioned on the instructions (ex. 30 minutes). The longer you leave it in, the better. So I left the purple dye on my hair for about 4 hours (yikes! That's a long time) but I got just what I wanted, an awesome, bright purple color on my hair.
    Now, for the "worst thing I've ever done to my hair" part:
    This is a cheap hair dye brand, which stuck to my hair for a VERY long period of time, so long that I had about an inch of regrowth and it was still purple (my hair grows very slowly). I had a party coming up and I wanted to re-dye it purple. Keep in mind that the regrowth is my natural dark golden brown color and I had lightened it with Hydrogen Peroxide twice to get it a light golden brown, also remember that the Hydrogen Peroxide Lightening method only works with sunlight. It was already nighttime and my lightening method would not work, so I decided to bleach my roots with the bleach that the cheap purple dye included. I didn't do some retarded thing and left the bleach on my regrowth for an hour or something, NO, I was yet still applying it, and I was doing it rather quickly. I hadn't even finished applying the bleach to the left side of my head when I saw something strange of the top of my head. When I checked, after about not even 5 minutes, the regrowth on the top part of my head was NEON YELLOW! I ran to the shower to rinse my hair, when I looked in the mirror, I started crying (and my Mom started laughing) I had a rainbow on my hair! But, no worries, Mom to the rescue! She went to Walgreens and bought me a dark brown dye and put it on my hair. It wasn't bright, but it looked a whole lot better. My hair is now dark brown, but up to this day, after almost 10 months of dyeing it purple and about 6 of dyeing it brown, the purple dye was so cheap that up to this day, I have some purple strands on my hair (the purple hair dye STAINED my hair.)
    So, in conclusion, the worst thing I've ever done to my hair is to use a cheap hair dye.

  29. I just recently dyed mine blue black and the pack showed that from my normal hair colour (blonde) it would turn black but it lied and my hair is all navy blue. I have decided to try and own it, as it does make me look young but it was such an accident I cried until I started laughing over it. Not sure what will happen when I wash it again - lighter blue?

  30. I have a distaster. I just wanted the usually highlights. She dyed it all dark blonde and then did highlights. Which I don't understand why so dark. It looks light brown and not blonde but some of the blonde hightlights are in the back. The front and ends are purple now from the toner. What can I do? I dont' want to have to cut my hair short to fix this. It feels thrashed. I'm not a happy camper. I know its only hair and it will eventually look better but its hard for women! So much pressure to look good and when we look like this we don't feel good. I don't feel good. So its like I have to ignore what I look like now and I totally do not feel pretty. I know I am being silly and I should pray about this and stop focusing on my looks now. I feel sad and ugly and I really don't want to socialize now. :(

  31. I recently had a hair disaster. I have naturally auburn hair and decided to streak/lighten it with Nordic blonde however it turned out orange and I absolutely hated it. I then decided to go to the salon and try to fix it by dying it a darker brown/red however it looks horrible and is all different colours with orange undertones. I regret dying my hair soooo much and am so depressed. I don't even want to leave the house as I feel ugly :(. Cant wait for my natural hair to grow back, does anyone know if ginger/auburn hair grows back the same shade?

  32. Purple hair fail!! Took to my blonde highlights like a duck to water and now I am left with hair that looks grey :(

  33. I have really damaged hair from a bad perm I got several months ago. Ive tried other products and didnt see any great results. My best friend recommended Shielo Restoration Oil - and I'm able to straighten my hair without it looking severely burned. It like seals the ends of my hair making it look healthy. I do believe this is magic in a bottle. A little goes a long way and it will last me awhile. It will fix yours too!

  34. There isn't enough space on the internet to list all the stupid things I've done to my hair...(and am still doing). From buzz cuts to dodgy perms, awful colours and Jim Carey, circa dumb and dumber fringes (bangs if you are American)...I'll never learn

  35. I was born with very black wavy hair. I've been wearing it for almost 14 years so I felt bored. My friend dyed it with something dark too. I didnt see any changes. She was bullshit. The day after, she dyed it with copper but it wasnt noticeable. The night after, I dyed it myself with a brown hair color. There was a little change because my classmates noticed it. But I wasnt contented so I bleached its end several times just to achieve a noticeable ombre. It was lovely but my schoolmates had their ombres too so just to be different, I bleached my entire hair and applied a golden blonde hair color. It wasnt allowed by my fucking teacher so after a month, I dyed it with red thinking it would be dark and seemed to be a cello but it was still bright and as the time went by, it faded and turned orange and back to gold again. After a month, I dyed it with brown but it was still bright. The day after, I dyed black to some portions of my hair. After a month, my fucking attention whore teacher insisted to make every strands of my hair dark so I dyed it with intense dark brown. After 3 months, I bleached my entire hair again and colored it blonde since I was already a graduate. After a week, I put a red ombre but it looked ugly so I bleached it again and put a golden dye. I was never contented with my hair even if it results to hairfall and friziness and my wavy,bouncy hair seemed to ger lost. Well, still I love experimenting. Lol. Last June I bleached the roots and put another shade of blonde again, it was lovely but now...Im so fucked up with my golden mane. I wanna dye it red. Lol. It means bleaching it again. I wonder if that brazilian blow out would help me get my hair's smooth texture back after dying it again.

  36. I spent years dying my hair. It actually started with my mother who would put 'sun in' in my hair to lighten it up she loved that i was 'dirty blonde' but wished i was just more 'blonde' so she was always trying to lighten my hair up and finally she took the plunge when i was 10 and started dying my hair all the time. first it was once every 7 or 8 months then it started getting more intense until it was every 3 months so as i grew up i always had damaged hair always frizzy, tangled easy, split ends everything it sucked my hair was gross. But even though i dident like all that i still dyed my hair when i got older but i hated the blonde look so i went with browns and black then i got into pink and blue highlights i really wish i could take all that time back because now im sitting here with hair as short as my boyfriend who's in the military so think 'high and tight' if you know what that is. If not just imagine shaving your head to stubble then letting it grow for a month and then you have my length but i cut it all off so it could grow back un damaged and i must say even though its shorter my hair has never felt so nice to touch its soft and kinda curly but the thing i dont understand is the color...i was always told and thought i was dirty blonde but nope my hair is saying No your a red head true and red! So yes im very happy my hair will grow out healthy! and it will look great. But why is it red? Is it possible all the dying changed my natural pigment? or what?

  37. Oh my! I'm only 17 and have died my hair a good 100 times. Not until last fall did I really ruin my hair. I had hair down to the bottom of my boobs and decided I wanted a perm. The lady had permed it and it was weird small smal small curls.... Not even curls. So I called and she said shed recently got a new perm solution so they switched it back and they would re do it... Less than a week later. Little did I know that wasn't very good. She did it and it looked like decent small curls. And within a month looked like I had dread locks. And I bought all new hair care stuff.. But it never fixed the damage. So I wound up a couple months later cutting it shoulder length and wound up having to do that several times and then back in April I went a whole month without putting heat in it and straightened it once on the lowest setting I had and it made me have split ends so bad ( after cutting it initially I put a perm in it but combed it through so it would be like a chemical straightener which didn't seem to do any damage) and then in June I wound up chopping it off to a pixie cut bc of heart filled reasons and THEN last week I decided I wanted to go blonde so I got a highlighter kit and put it all over my hair and it was decent! I liked it but two days later I wanted to tweak it a little where it wasn't the right shades and then put lowlights. Well I put a blonde on it and my hair was so pretty it was almost white and I should have kept it!:( but the. I proceeded to put low lights and long story short it turned my hair gray and the rest bright yellow. So I told my supervisor at work to get me a thing of hair dye I don't care what color . It was a beautiful red and turned out great. 4 days later its red and GRAY yippee. Just gonna hold out for a bit I guess and go to a professional

  38. Okay, so my hair is naturally very dark brown, and when this all started, I'd NEVER dyed or even straightened it. In less than a year, in two separate applications of beach, I got it all the way to blonde, and worked my way through NINE heads of color; I loved it! It changed almost every month! Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to cut all my blue hair off, 8+ inches or so, into a short and choppy do, because after so much dye, the lesser length would make it healthier and even more beautiful, right? WRONG! Oh, so, wrong. It was stupidly short, stupidly blue (like, WAY TOO BLUE) and really out of proportion. In two weeks, I had washed it too many times, tried to scrub the color out with A LOT of baking soda, dyed it green; because I thought THAT would make it better, over straightened it - desperately trying to make it look pretty - and eventually gave up by dying it black and wearing a beanie around school. It's been three months and I'm still too scared to lighten it so I can dye it again. It's currently a really ugly cut (I've never had it this short!) and a shit-fight of green, blue and black. Not to mention, this was all VERY PUBLIC; I've had a lot of people laughing at me the past couple of months and it's months yet until I can fix it. I'm actually scared to leave the house sometimes.

    1. I'm so sorry. I hope by now that you have figured something out. I just messed my hair up tonight. It makes you feel so stupid. I don't even think I can go back to church!

    2. I messed up my hair yesterday I thought it would be a cool idea go go blonde but when I came home from the salon my hair was a uglg orange color, I'm going back in tomorrow to see if they can fix it. I hope they can save my hair it literally makes me want to cry whenever I look in the mirror. How does your hair look now ???

  39. I tried stripping my hair. Looked like Leeloo Dallas. Seeking professiinsl help now! (:

  40. The stupidest thing I have ever done to my hair...I did today. For the last 2 years I have been letting my hair go naturally gray. I had dark hair with beautiful natural silver. I was SO close to being just where I wanted to be. Then today I got the bright idea to try and fade out that last little bit of 'reddish' leftover on the ends. Well, now I sit here, very depressed, with more orange than silver and no black on all of my hair except the underneath. My bangs, top back, from root to ends is a mess of orange-ish pinkish hair. I don't know what to do. I don't want to start coloring. But I don't see how I can possible get back to where I was.I am SO SO stupid.

  41. I cut mine today. My long, beautiful, black locks. It was at my butt and I got 10 inches off. I actually like the length but the ends aren't done the way I like and it isn't layered how I wanted it. It looks dumb the way it is and I'm angry because I don't want to take anymore off so now I have to wait.

  42. Please help. My hair has always been my pride and joy. I figured since it is pretty damn healthy, it could deal with some extensions. I was wrong, and now I want to burst into tears every time I look at my natural hair. I just don't know what to do. my hair has also NEVER been shorter than this and it breaks and falls out. What should i do to regrow hair?

  43. I regrew my hair and you can too. -I've been using hair extensions since forever. My hair wouldn't grow any longer it would just snap off. I've dreamed about having NATURAL thick, long hair. And when I say dreamed, I mean it quite literally. So i decided to do something about it. My friend suggested Biotin when we were talking about my hair loss.
    I’ve tried like 4 different brands until i found that the best one for me. Now i’m 26 and I've been taking Biotin every day for years. My hair and nails grow SO much quicker. Hair has increased in the rate and are so long now.
    Also my energy levels are high. I remember that at the beginning i did heavy cardio and interval training which helped me lose weight fast but i did not realize how biotin played a part in my weight loss until AFTER i stopped working out. I continue to take biotin every day and now that I am no longer on my diet i eat whatever i want and i don't gain weight. It appears the biotin may be keeping my metabolism to the level it was at during my training. So i highly recommend it to you. For me the best is my friends also use this one.

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  45. The worst thing I have done to my hair was bleach it with one box of Splat hair lightner. I have super long (2 1/2 feet) hair and its very thick. I only got half of my hair and I am scared to bleach the rest of it and return it back to my natural hair color which is dark brown. I have to go back to school in a month and I dont know what to do. DUMBEST. DECISION. EVER. MADE.

  46. This generation has had a serious problem of getting grey hair at an early age and it is just increasing. All of this happens because of our lifestyle, eating habits, stress and chemicals in the products we use. Getting your hair dyed is not healthy for your hair and since I am going through the same problem of having grey hair so early I decided to find a safe and healthy solution. I came across Kama Ayurveda's organic henna powder and indigo powder and this combination has saved me! It is the organic way to go and dyes your hair black, I have been using these products for several months now and am so happy. Everyone who is having this same problem, I highly recommend to use such products rather than hair dye.

  47. This generation has had a serious problem of getting grey hair at an early age and it is just increasing. All of this happens because of our lifestyle, eating habits, stress and chemicals in the products we use. Getting your hair dyed is not healthy for your hair and since I am going through the same problem of having grey hair so early I decided to find a safe and healthy solution. I came across Kama Ayurveda's organic henna powder and indigo powder and this combination has saved me! It is the organic way to go and dyes your hair black, I have been using these products for several months now and am so happy. Everyone who is having this same problem, I highly recommend to use such products rather than hair dye.

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