Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 304: Mantra Monday - Leave That Zit Alone!

This week's mantra is not terribly ambitious, but still heartfelt.  

Leave that zit alone!

Yes folks, I managed to grow myself a zit this weekend, and it's driving me nuts.  It's one of those particularly painful little guys, in a tender spot just under my nose.  When I brush against it I have to sneeze!  Torture.

You may remember from my post several months (wow. months!) ago on Day 80, that I used to have awful acne that has (mostly) cleared up, thanks to two rounds of Accutane.  These days I'm meticulous about my skin, which keeps things mostly under control.  When that doesn't work, I have an arsenal of products on hand to fix what ails me, be it dry&flakey skin, sensitive&burning skin, oily&shiny skin, or - egads! - zits.  So now I'm dealing with the last thing on that list.  I know what to do, but it's really hard to follow my own directions.  Here is what I SHOULD do, once at morning and again at night:
1) Clean face using gentle cleanser.
2) Gently apply a mild zit-zapper (I like 2.5% Benzyl Peroxide) to the spot.
3) Cover entire face with fragrance-free, oil-free moisturizer (w/ SPF in the morning).
4) If morning, gently pat a bit of concealer on the spot.
Steps 1-3 are easy, but steps 4 and 5 are a real challenge without a mirror.  I can't see my face, much less my zit, so I've decided to eliminate the concealer bit in favor of my normal makeup, which includes a tinted moisturizer.  On Mondays I don't wear makeup anyway, so that makes things simple, albeit stressful.

But then there's Step 5.  Step 5 doesn't just mean no picking or prodding, it also means no constantly-touching-your-face-to-see-if-the-zit-is-bigger/smaller/still-there.  And that last part is what I'm probably going to struggle with.  I'm hoping to adopt a "Who cares!?  It's a zit, not a tumor!" kind of attitude, but without being able to look in the mirror I don't actually know this for a fact now, do I??!

As silly (or icky) as this week's mantra may seem, it will be a challenge for me to accomplish without looking in a mirror. On Day 80 I joked that "MIRRORS CAUSE ACNE" after learning that American teen girls became more obsessed with having clear skin once mirrors became common in middle-class households.  I'm hoping that NOT having mirrors in my household will help me just forget about my skin and get on with my life.   
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  1. euhm....
    maybe you could try taking it in smaller periods of time -
    as in: " I am not going to touch the zit this whole morning / afternoon / evening" -
    generally, when you manage to leave them alone, these things disappear in a day or two,
    so you wouldn't have to apply this strategy too often...

    it's hard!
    I always succeed in making the (occasional) zit HUGE just by touching it all the freakin' time.

    Another thought: mostly other people don't even see the blemishes that bother us.

    Good luck!

  2. It probably feels bigger than it really is

  3. Oh, I am so sympathetic. I have had zits that throb and feel like they are about to explode. I've been known to put a bandaid on my face to keep from touching them...but that's pretty obvious when one is out in public.

  4. Place an ice cube for as long as the ice cubes doesn't melt in your hands. Will reduce redness, make the temporary smaller, and will cure your need to touch it. You won't want to touch it when it is freezing, and you will almost feel like you have touched it, but only the ice cube has!

  5. wow!
    awesome advice!

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