Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 297: Mantra Monday - Drink More Water!

Back on Day 220 I wrote about the importance of Rest, Activity and Nourishment, and decided to focus on "rest" for the week.  It was an astounding success and I'm now addicted to my earlier bedtime (FYI, I used to be a real night-owl, so 11pm counts as an "early" bedtime for me!).  I set my iPhone to ping at 10pm every night as a reminder to wind down, unplug, and get into bed.  Avoiding alcohol on weeknights helps me sleep sounder, and wake up feeling even more refreshed.  Speaking of "refreshed," my mantra for this week builds on the 3 things listed on Day 220... I'm determined to stay hydrated as a way to "nourish" my body.  So this week's mantra is pretty simple:
Drink More Water!

Visual lesson on healthy kidney function
I feel more in tune with my body when I give it what it needs.  I've become great at feeding myself a variety of nourishing foods, eating when I'm hungry, and stopping when I'm satisfied.  But sometimes I still struggle with hydration.  Back when I lived in the throes of anorexia, I restricted liquids along with food to the point that I experienced 5 episodes of kidney stones (beyond painful!) and mild-but-permanent kidney damage.  Luckily, having two kidneys that work at about 85% is an okay deal (people with two healthy kidneys can actually donate one and still live long and healthy lives!), but I don't want to push things.  I'm not invincible.

Diesel's frighteningly expensive blockage-
dissolving cat food,  next to my SodaStream!

When my cat, Diesel, almost died from a urethral blockage a few weeks ago I was reminded again of the importance of staying hydrated.  If I'm going to worry about keeping a cat waterlogged, I ought to afford myself the same attention.  So this week I'm loading up on water, tea, low-fat milk, and anything fun and lowish-sugar that I can make with my super-nifty-fizzy-drink-making SodaStream (a wedding registry must-have). Bottoms-up!

Who's with me?! Anybody else out there struggle to stay hydrated?  Any tips?  

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  1. For me, it helps to have a large glass/water bottle with a straw handy. I also keep a larger gallon jug nearby for refills at work. The break room is a ways from my desk, and I can never seem to find the time to get back for a refill.

  2. Just remeber tea is a diuretic.

  3. Having a straw in my water bottle just makes drinking easier for some reason! But yet, I definitely struggle with this.

  4. A really good water bottle (actually several) is key. One where you hang out (i.e. living room by TV), one by your bed, one by your work desk, one wherever you exercise. And spares for when you are cleaning those. Use something you can operate with one hand. A typical bottle you have to unscrew, hold the cap, and then screw it back on will make you drink less.
    Those with straws that pop up are good, though a pain to clean. I like the individual gatorade bottles with the spin top you operate with your mouth as you lift it to drink. I don't like gatorade much so I reuse them until they break, then put their caps on something else.

    I also find that carbonated water, with just a hint of lime (no sugars or junk added) are great. I feel like I am drinking a "real" beverage, soda even, but it's just water. PLain carbonated water with an actual squeeze of a fruit is better. I keep those little plastic lemons and limes with the juice in them. I add a splash to my carbonated water. (Trader Joes tends to have the best prices on the water BTW)

    For those who don't live in San Francisco (and for Kjerstin when she travels out of the city) get a good water filter, in line to your faucet if you can. (Although the little filter pitchers are ok too.) You'll drink more if it tastes better. But S.F. water is some of the best tap water in the country so you are lucky.

  5. I really like herbal teas myself - especially in winter. A small cup of water next to a big bottle on my desk while I'm working usually does the trick - providing you stay in one place and don't have to run around the house. I don't like drinking from bottles.

    I gave up drinking low-sugar "light"-drinks a couple of years ago, as they are said to be really bad for your stomach. I think I drank so much diet coke I could actually feel it biting away at my insides. Yuk!

    Good luck! Drinking lots of water is just another habit you have to get into (although my doctor says one liter a day is sufficient, and you don't have to overdo it)

  6. My beverages are exclusively water, milk, coffee (at work), and herbal tea. I gave up soda/pop years ago - too many digestive problems. My issue is remembering to take a jug of water to work every day; their water supply is hooked up to a softener and it tastes HORRIBLE.

    A suggestion to discuss with your vet regarding Diesel: perhaps adding a bit of canned food to his diet? We do that with our cat, Bazinga; a quarter of a can of Fancy Feast mixed with a little bit of water each day, in addition to her dry food. The local no-kill shelter where we adopted her from does this with their cats, and when we brought her home our vet recommended we continue with it. And Bazinga loves looking forward to her "noms' each night!

  7. I used to never drink water, or anything for that matter. I was just never thirsty. Then one day I decided I needed to be healthier. I started carrying a water bottle with me EVERYWHERE! It's amazing how much water you will drink if it's always there. Now, if I forget my water bottle, I feel it. I feel healthier, and I get sick WAY less. So that's my tip, always have a water bottle with you, even when you are at home (I have my water bottle next to me right now, and after typing 'water' several times, I am feeling quite thirsty).

  8. check out a friend of mine's blog, for hydration tips: her whole first month was about drinking enough water. According to her experience, the running off to the bathroom 20x a day settled down after about four or five days: was it the same for you?
    I haven't commented before, but I love your blog and your perspective on our interactions with mirrors.

  9. I enjoy drinking water… its continually refreshing to drink a glass of water when you get thirsty.At the point when your mouth begins to feel somewhat foul,the best thing is water.I likewise love juices,soda,milk whatever… yet water is the thing that I go to when I feel thirsty.Not a soft drink.
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