Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 220: Rest, Activity, and Nourishment (and the Easiest of These is REST)

I've struggled with body image my entire adult life, and studied it academically for at least half of that time.  If there's anything I've learned from my own experiences and "the literature" it's this: loving your body and treating it well (through adequate sleep, nutrition, and activity) go hand-in-hand.  You simply can't have one without the other!  In the spirit of my quest to treat my body well, this week's mantra is:

Rest, activity, and nourishment 
(and the easiest of these is REST!)

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Over the past week I've really enjoyed getting back to my "real life" and re-engaging in my healthful routines, like eating balanced home-cooked meals and going to the gym.  Yet, food and exercise are only two pieces of the three-piece puzzle for physical and mental health.  The third element is sleep.

I've read all sorts of interesting tidbits on the relationship between adequate sleep and health.  Getting enough sleep (ideally between 7-9 hours every night) helps regulate our moods, our appetites, and our immune systems.  (For a particularly informative and funny read on the importance of sleep, check out the first chapter of The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.)  I know all of this, yet I often sacrifice sleep for the sake of my "to-do" list.

Well... this week I'm adding "get enough sleep" to my list!  

Even though going to bed early can be a challenge (turn OFF the TV! Stop blogging!), fulfilling my sleep requirements should not be the most difficult of the rest/activity/nourishment trifecta.  Think about it.  What's easier: Running 5 miles... OR... sleeping?  Cooking a healthy meal.... OR.... sleeping?  See what I mean?  Hence this week's mantra includes, "and the easiest of these is REST!" 

To be honest, I'm really trying to psych myself up for this endeavor, through my mantra.  As someone who has suffered from crippling insomnia in the past, I know that sleep isn't as easy as simply turning out the lights.  But this week I'm going to practice my very best sleep-hygiene - which does include turning out the lights - and see how it goes.  Good night!

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  1. I'm taking the challenge with you! I have wrestled with insomnia in the past as well, and getting to sleep isn't always an easy endeavor. So...for this week, TV off at 10, computer off at 10:30.

  2. Hi Dear, Thanks for the message of rest, I've been doing this same re-inergizing thing too! God bless!
    Brenda xo :)

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