Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 174: How To Order the Perfect Burger (For Your Final Wedding Dress Fitting)

Someday when I'm famous, this menu
could be worth A LOT of money!
My final wedding dress fitting was yesterday, and I may have stumbled upon the most brilliant idea: eat a massive meal right before your dress fitting.  Seriously!  I didn't exactly plan to chow down on an epic cheeseburger 5 minutes before my final fitting, but ... well ... I was really hungry!  Here's what went down:

My good friend, Lisa, accompanied me to my fitting to act as my eyes for the occasion.  Lisa is probably my most fuss-free and practical friend.  She rarely wears makeup, and always has an easy smile. Anyway, I asked her to come with me because, when it comes to wedding dress alterations, the expenses can easily pile up.  I trusted her to let me once I'd reached the good-enough-is-good-enough standard.

So anyway, Lisa took the bus to my place, and arrived 40 magical minutes early.  We hung out for a few minutes and then realized we were both really, really, hungry.  At first, Lisa suggested that we wait until after the fitting to enjoy a proper meal together.  The unspoken assumption was that I'd want to be a little bit starving when I tried on my dress.  You know: empty stomach = littler stomach = tears of joy when said stomach looks less chubby in wedding gown.  Except something about that equation is totally dumb.  I mean, if a little food in my tummy would prevent my dress from fitting, wouldn't I want to know NOW, not on October 1st?  Secondly.... I'm planning to enjoy (a LOT of) the food on my wedding day.  If anything, my dress needs room to expand in the gut!

This picture makes the burger look smaller
than in real life!
With these things - and our grumbling stomachs - in mind, we ventured out to the nearest burger joint.  If you didn't know this already, Los Angeles is a burger city.  Best. Damn. Burgers. In. The. Country. I can name 3 to-die-for spots within walking distance of my place, and another half-dozen I'm willing to drive 45+ minutes to get to when I've got a particular craving.  On this day, we landed at Hole In The Wall Burger Joint, and I opted for the Burger of the Week, innocently described as a Cheesesteak Burger.  And sweet potato fries.

I don't know what I was expecting, but I didn't realize I'd ordered the innards of a huge Philly Cheesesteak piled on top of an already huge hamburger!  Woah!  Well, I won't bore you with the details of how amazingly delicious this was, but let's just say I managed to eat every bite.  Since it took two hands to eat my burger Lisa got a hefty share of the sweet potato fries.  Life goes on.  A girl has to prioritize, no?

And the dress fitting?  It went great.  Lisa and I were a little bit nervous about handling my dress with burger juice on our hands, but we cleaned up as best we could and persevered.  The newly sweethearted neckline looked lovely, and my gown zipped up without complaint.  In retrospect, I wouldn't have it any other way.  Now if only I could get Cheesesteak Burgers on the wedding menu....

Question: any tips for finding time to actually EAT at one's own wedding?  I hear this can be a challenge, but I'm really looking forward to the food!

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  1. definitely assign someone to save you plates of the food you are really looking forward to, especially apps (they go quick). if you decide to take some time after the ceremony alone with your new husband this would be a good time to share a plate of yummies together before embracing the crowd; it'll power you up for all the fun to be had as well.

  2. p.s. love the burger before fitting idea!

  3. As for finding time to eat at your wedding: I have found that reason you don't get to eat at your own wedding is you're too busy going around to tables and chatting with your guests. Have someone, maid of honor or best man or the wedding coordinator at the venue, come and get you when dinner is served. That way, you're not excusing yourself and someone of "authority" is telling you to go sit down so your guests won't mind.

  4. I really enjoy reading your blog! I'm getting married on October 1st too :) Only 15 more days!!!

  5. We got married NYE almost 9 months ago... our wedding was too big to do plated dinners for everyone so buffet-style it was! Everyone sat down for dinner at the same time (including wedding party) and we just asked the wait staff to plate us ahead of time. We got our food first, then everyone else. Toasts happened while eating so once we were finished eating, we could start making rounds. (P.S. They'll usually plate for elderly or handicapped guests.) It worked great!

  6. You are smart with the burger! wedding gowns aren't know for their stretchy fabric :)

    The key to making time for yourslef to eat at your own wedding is to get food before anyone else does. Remember at my wedding, we got our plates and ate while everyone else went to get theirs. That way we could do the walk & greet after we'd eaten.

    Also... please please please make sure you eat the cake. i have heard countless people tell me how they never got to eat any. That is just sad!!!! You two should be the first recipients of it!

    Lastly, the "sweetheart" table helps a lot. It is easier to enjoy your meal and it gives you a little private time together amidst all the hugs and kisses and well wishes of your guests. I'm not sure what you have planned but wanted to offer that advice :)

    Can't wait!

  7. My suggestion is to eat a really big breakfast and just assume you aren't going to get to actually eat anything. Guests will be clinking their glasses to get you to smooch, every time you go to cut your food someone will come by for a hug, every time you lift your fork to your mouth, someone will pop up with a camera. It's neverending, so just do what we did. Stopped at BK on the way to the hotel...

  8. It can be helpful to assign one or two of your attendants the responsibility of making sure you get to eat and drink. They should keep half an eye on you, and if it's been 15 or 20 minutes since you last ate or drank something, they should bring you a small plate with something tasty and something to drink. (It's especially helpful if they ensure that the "something to drink" alternates between being a glass of water and being something more festive.)

    And if the logistics of organizing it start to stress you out, keep reminding yourselves that BEING married is ever so much better than GETTING married. When my husband and I drove away from our reception, he looked at me and said, "That was great. Let's never do it again." :-)

  9. I'll second/third/fourth the comments above that it is REALLY hard to eat on your wedding day, so you should ask for help in that regard. First of all, eat before the wedding. I had lunch with just my maid of honor before heading to hair and makeup, and it was one of the best things I did in planning that day. I got to eat a real meal, and I got to spend actual time with her before the all the busyness began.

    Second, if your reception place has staff or you have someone "coordinating" the reception, ask them to especially take care of you and your husband - refilling your drink, bringing you food, etc. If there's not a natural staff person to do this, then assign it to someone - a cousin, a bridesmaid or 2, someone. You'll probably be busy greeting and chatting, and will barely notice the time flying by or your empty glass. If all else fails (and I did this at my wedding), just grab someone and ask them for what you need ("would you please go get me some water/wine/soda?" "could you bring me a plate from the seafood station over there?" or whatever. When you cut the cake, get a piece right then. I mean, don't step away from that table without a piece of cake on a plate. Too many couples miss their own cake!

    Finally, I'd encourage you to arrange for food after you leave the wedding. Either pre-order or plan to order room service at your hotel, OR ask your reception place or caterer to box you up a "one of everything" sampler of whatever was served at the wedding. They can make you a to-go box that you can eat once the reception is over. And don't forget to have them pack silverware: my husband and I had food and champagne sent with us to the hotel after the reception, and we stood there in our wedding clothes eating without utensils until room service brought us some.

    Happy eating, and happy wedding!

  10. Personally, the reason why WE didn't get to anything at our own wedding - not even the surprise wedding cake my mom had arranged for us(!), was that there were people who wanted to take advantage of the presumed "down-time for dining" and use it to talk with us and take pictures of us. In anticipation that you can't really control what guests will do to spend just a minute extra with you on your day, I would highly suggest you ask the caterer to either a) put aside your food ahead of time, or b) NOT REMOVE your plates from your table until they are EMPTY. Because you may find the chance to sneak back to your plate when everyone is dancing or even on to dessert.

    Apart from that, I recently read about the awful American Apparel "Booty-ful Model Search" and one brave woman's humorous effort to highlight the irony in it. I wondered when reading it, what thoughts you might have on the whole thing.

  11. Your burger sounds ah-mazing! So good! And you're right: why not be full so that you can know that your stomach will have enough room in your wedding dress for all of the awesome food you've picked out?! When one of my best friends got married, she had a buffet and they lead everyone in getting food. All of the other stuff, like the first dance, etc., was after they had eaten. And it all worked out really well. It made it more casual and less like entertainment during dinner. So glad the fitting went well!

  12. Mmmm.... I am hungry just reading these comments!! :)

  13. What we did was on our way to the reception from the church, we had my brother who was driving us stop at a McDonalds and we got Nuggets because we figured it wouldn't make too much of a mess on us or the car.

    I'm glad we did because we didn't get to eat at all since we made the rounds, danced, and talked the whole night. Thankfully our hotel had some food waiting for us in our room.

  14. I was periodically taken aside by my mom and had food put in my hands. Usually a celery stick or ham biscuit. Simple out door food.

  15. Maybe you could just have your master of ceremony or best man or whatever announce to your guests that you guys are going to have dinner and don't want to be disturbed while eating? In a much nicer way of course...

    Good luck!

  16. I ate at my wedding (almost 2 years ago now). We said hi to everyone and thanked them for coming at he cocktail hour so that we could just enjoy at the reception. We just sat down and ate. I actually end up eating my appetizer, salad, and two entrees. My sister wouldn't let me eat after I had my makeup on and I overslept and didn't get ot eat before so I was really hungry.

  17. Well, don't have my DH's childhood best friend as your best man! We specifically asked our caterer to set aside a tray of appetizers just for us, in the upstairs lounge. Great except - our best man found the trays and ate them ALL.

  18. We had 75 people and it was really important to me to be able to hang out with our family, so we sat with our parents and sisters and brother at the reception and actually ate our dinner. After that, we went around the room to talk to people. I don't think we got to see everyone at the wedding, but I wouldn't have had it any other way.

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