Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 166: Mis-Adventures with a New Hair-Dryer

Note peeling paint-job.  
I recently took a leap of faith and replaced my ancient-and-sputtering hair-dryer with a new model.  I knew it was time last weekend, when I found myself preferring a friend's travel-sized dryer over my own full-sized clunker.

Granted, as a shower-at-night kind of gal, I don't actually blow-dry my hair more than a few times per week.... but when I do it's nice to have a pleasant experience.  (Has anyone else ever had the misfortune of having their hair vacuum-sucked into the back of a poorly-designed hair-dryer?? "Fixing" the situation requires scissors.  Not fun!)

So on Monday I managed to find a really nice (name brand! oooh!) hair-dryer at Marshall's, for a stellar price.  
$15 = Stellar price.
This morning was it's debut.  Everything worked beautifully (I think... I haven't actually SEEN my hair, of course!), with the exception of one major issue.  This probably wouldn't have happened if I'd been looking in the mirror, but I ended up knocking my head with the dryer nozzle about a half-dozen times.  Hard
Stunning new hair-dryer!

Dryer: Smack! 
Me: Ow!Ow!Ow!Ow! 
Dryer: Smack! 
Me: Ow!Ow!Ow!Ow!

I had an immediate flash-back to a grade-school bullying experience when this kid somehow got me to put my hand in front of my face, and then promptly punched my face through my own hand.  "Why are you hitting yourself?!?!" she taunted.  Good question!

Well, my new hair-dryer has one of those nozzle attachments, making it about 3-inches longer than the prior model.  It seems that my arms have muscle-memory-memorized the appropriate distance at which to hold a hair-dryer.  Except now it's the wrong distance.  It probably doesn't help that I have short arms to begin with (remember that fateful day in the bike shop??)

Anyway, until today I had no idea how much force I'd been using to shake my blow-dryer through my hair.  I smacked my forehead particularly hard one time, and I can still feel a bit of a goose-egg at my hairline.  Hopefully there won't be a nasty bruise come October 1st! Ugh.

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  1. "I had an immediate flash-back to a grade-school bullying experience when this kid somehow got me to put my hand in front of my face, and then promptly punched my face through my own hand. "Why are you hitting yourself?!?!" she taunted. "

    Literally laughing out loud. This is too funny :)


  2. I love your blog and the year-long project you are doing! So incredible! I've done that even looking in a mirror to blow-dry my hair, so without a mirror would probably give me a black eye or something. ;)

  3. Hahahaha!!! I love that bit about the grade school bully. What ever did she say to trick you into that??

  4. Glad you like the story! If I recall correctly, it was some kind of "did you know that if your hand is bigger than your face, you're going to get cancer?" scam.... Fell for it. Obviously.

  5. Is the new dryer a Chi? I love their flat irons, never used the dryers though.

  6. Hope you get the hang of the new dryer soon. The last time I can recall a muscle memory problem like this was when I was pregnant. I had the habit of moving around as though I was not pregnant and would often bump into things, without realizing my new dimensions.

  7. Hey blogginmomma, yes the hairdryer is Chi. It's my first time purchasing this brand, but a friend of my swears by them, so we'll see! Either way, can't beat the price!

  8. :) I suppose it wasn't funny at the time, but reading about it is...
    However, I have a very easy solution to your problem: don't blow-dry your hair. This might sound silly, or maybe even impossible, but hear me out. I have very long hair myself, so I know a few things about hair-care. One of the things I've learned is that washing your hair every day is really bad for your hair. So it's better to only wash once or twice a week. (it's not yukkie, really, your hair might need to get used to it but in the long run it will thank you by looking gorgeous!) Blowdrying is also bad for you hair, so you could just not do it and let your hair air-dry. If you don't wash it every day, doing that will not be a real problem (hey, if I can do it when letting my hair dry takes up to 7 hours... ;-) ) But if you do want to blow-dry and you wash it less, then you will also need to blow-dry less and you won't face the dangers of doing this without a mirror :) Just a thought!

  9. I prefer the Karmin Salon Pro Professional Hair Dryer I bought at safrons, it leaves my hair shiny and soft.

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