Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 165: Bachelorette Bash, Part 1

My Labor Day / Bachelorette Party Weekend was epic and memorable.  I'm still recovering, so you'll get the whole story in two parts.  Here's part 1 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday):

Thursday: My cherished friend and bridesmaid, Laila, was scheduled to arrive at LAX around 9pm.  Her flight was an hour late, so I killed time shopping for cocktail dresses at Nordstrom Rack.  I had three upcoming cocktail dress-required events in mind, requiring three different dress aesthetics: (1) something mildly scandalous for my L.A. bachelorette bash, (2) something vintage-y and tropical for a 1950s-Cuba-themed engagement party, and (3) something casually elegant for a bridal shower.  I brought about a dozen deeply-discounted possibilities into the fitting room, and managed to cover the mirror with my sweater.  Based on what I could actually zip up, I left with one slinky bachelorette option, and - amazingly - a casually-elegant-vintage-y-tropical dress that would work for either the engagement party or the bridal shower.  Decisions, decisions... While purchasing said dresses, Laila texted to let me know she'd landed, so I picked her up and headed to Westside Tavern (my all-time favorite L.A. restaurant/bar) so we could catch up over gourmet cocktails.  What a treat!

Friday: Bachelorette insanity ensued.  Laila and I worked from home for the morning, but at 2:30 we headed in separate directions: I went to a hair & makeup appointment with Sarah, the bachelorette hostess + my grad school bosom buddy, while Laila braved traffic to pick up my sister, Hanna, at LAX.  While at the salon, I asked my hair stylist and makeup artist to go "Miss Piggy" on me, with bouncy curls and big lashes.  It felt weird to be so fully "styled" without mirrors, but I watched Sarah being beautified and figured, if I looked half as great, I was in pretty good shape.  Thanks for treating, Sarah!  You rock. :)
My eternal inspiration whenever aiming for a glamourous look...
From there, we headed over to Sarah's place to join the other women getting ready.  In true little-sis style, Hanna ended up wearing the slinky dress I'd found at Nordstrom.  I opted for an even slinkier one I'd found at Ross a few months ago - for over 90% off! Paired with sky-high leopard-print stilettos and a bright pink tiara I felt adequately coquettish.  See below:
Slinky dress + feather boa, sash, & tiara!
Once ready, we took cabs to Hamburger Mary's in West Hollywood, where we met up with more friends, and enjoyed a fantastic dinner while watching their famous "Drag Queen Burlesque Show".  I was determined to stay relatively sober, though I couldn't avoid a few celebratory toasts.

Scandalous detail: At Hamburger Mary's I was required by the bawdy MC to compete against a few other bachelorettes and birthday girls in a mildly embarrassing "booty-shaking" contest.  Guess what: I won!!!  (Note: the winner was declared based on vocal audience support, not talent. Several of my friends actually lost their voices cheering for me, which helps explain my coup.)  Interesting to observe a table full of highly-educated, avowed-feminist women screaming their lungs out to encourage their friend's booty-dance...  a musing fit for another day.

After the show, we headed to a nearby dance-club to bust a move to some Top-40 music. By 2am we were all safely in bed, asleep with wistful smiles on our faces.

Evening highlight: After last-call at the dance-club, I found myself loitering around outside of the club while we waited for our ride to show up.  Out of nowhere, this barely post-pubescent acoustic boy-band called "The Bro Code" started serenading us with the late-90s hits of my youth.  I was in heaven!  Here's a taste of what we heard:
Saturday: A day of recovery, or so I thought!  After an amazing breakfast of buttermilk biscuits, cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and fresh strawberries and watermelon (prepared with skill by Sarah and Hanna) we managed to get ourselves to the FYF Fest music festival in Downtown L.A..  Feeling sluggish, Hanna, Laila and I enjoyed the music for a few hours but headed home early.  We ate dinner at a mildly disappointing Japanese restaurant, and then went to see The Help at Westside Pavilion.  We all got misty-eyed during the film; bonding at it's best!

Closing note: On Saturday I was feeling a little worse-for-the-wear from the prior night's festivities, so I decided to fill up on food at dinner, and then again at the movie.  This "replenish nutrients" strategy has worked for me in the past, but it wasn't the right approach this time.  I'm guessing it was the combination of sub-par sushi followed by a bucket of buttered + cheese-dusted movie-theater popcorn.  Looking back, I don't know what I was thinking.... 


Do you have any special bachelorette memories?  Scandalous details?  Highlights?  Did I miss out on anything by forbidding all "penis paraphernalia" from the party?

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  1. Sounds like you had a very fun evening! (and day after).

    Little slip of the finger leave the word "tail" off of your "cock" dress there at
    the end of line 1??? Laughing silently while reading. (LSWR)



  2. Shoot! Freudian slip on the "cock-dress". I have corrected this. Thanks Marilyn. :)

  3. I never had a bachelorette party. I was the first to get married of my friends and my MOH just broke up w her bf and lost her job so she wasn't thinking about me. Kinda sad, but I'm not a big party girl. Glad you enjoyed your bachelorette party. Love the classic 90's music!!!

  4. Ugh, no you didn't miss anything by forbidding "penis" associated items. My co-workers threw me a surprise WORK(!) that included said items. It was so embarrassing for me, not all that funny. I showed the items to my fiance, and after watching the wind-up penis boogy across the coffee table it all went in the trash. :)

    Including the condom with measurements on it....

  5. Oh gosh.... how awful to have a gag-gift party at WORK!! I'm cringing at the thought...

  6. Love hearing about your fun night! Love the band playing "vintage" 90's song. Sounds like a great time.

  7. And is the groom proud of your "booty" winning?

  8. Sounds like a good time. I didn't have a bachelorette party, sadly. I always imagined mine would be like those in the movies though. The kind where I'm surrounded by friends, drinking girly cocktails, and even had the trashy "penis paraphernalia". I didn't have one for a couple of reasons, for one I live in rural Kentucky and there just isn't many options. The main reason is when I chose my bridal party, I probably chose the most unorganized group of women. I am the one in my circle of friends who loves to plan and host events. I didn't feel it was my job to plan my own bachelorette party though. So, I went without. I'm glad you had a great time at your bash. And steer clear of sub-par sushi, definitely not a good idea to soothe a hangover!

  9. I was at one of my best friend's bachelorette party and we also went to a drag show (but in Louisville)! One of the drags came up to me and tried to get me to sing. All of my friends were cracking up and dying of laughter - mostly because they knew I was awkward like that. Haha! And the serenading? AWESOME.

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