Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 117: Feathering the Nest (Hall of Mirrors!)

Michael and I just moved into a new apartment in San Francisco.  We're very excited because - after almost 2 years of long distance + 2 months of subletting somebody else's apartment - this move is for keeps.  (Well, at least for the 11 months we've signed on for and assuming our landlord doesn't decide to sell the place before then. Hooray for renting!)

Anyhoo... it took a few weeks, but we've finally got about 90% of our stuff organized.  But, space that previously looked cluttered suddenly looked kind of naked, and yesterday I felt a strong urge to feather the nest.

So, I popped over to the closest TJMaxx / Home Goods store.  I had a few specifics on my list (kitchen chairs! coffee table! coat rack!), but mostly I just wandered around waiting for inspiration to strike.  It struck quickly, but not in the way I'd expected.  THIS was the first section I wanderlusted into:
SAVE (up to) 70% on MIRRORS.  

Shoot.  I don't know if it was the promise of a sweet bargain or just an unconscious urge for self-punishment, but I decided to take a walk in the hallway of mirrors.  And you know what?  Other than making me feel kind of sad, it went just fine.

I stuck to my rules, and was careful not to check myself out while I was checking out the mirrors.  This required that I not look at any mirror while standing in front of it.

Guess what?  Even though I'm avoiding my own reflection for another 248 days, I actually like mirrors.  I like the way they look!  I like the way they open up a room.  I like the way that mirrors are "neutral" decor that add pizazz without freaking out my color scheme.  I also appreciate mirrors for the artistry that often goes in to their creation.
How cool/cute/artsy is this!?!  Buy it here.

So it was fun to check out the mirrors - not myself - for a while.  I didn't end up buying one.

Bringing home a new mirror seemed kind of risky, given that some days I can barely keep myself from tearing the curtains off of the ones I already have!  But I did find one piece of furniture that really tempted me: A narrow dresser, blinged out with broken mirrors.  So perfectly symbolic, yet depressingly out of my pathetic price range, at $99.  Sigh.

*How do YOU decorate with mirrors, if at all?  
*What's more important to you in a mirror: how you look reflected in it, or how beautiful it is on its own merits? 

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  1. Love this post! Fun to think about all that mirrors can do besides stare back at us!

  2. My husband wanted to buy a ridiculous sized mirror for our bedroom. It was huge, something like 5 X 7. I told him it was tacky, tacky, tacky, but I have seen some interesting mirrors.

  3. Terri, I know the feeling. My last place had floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall mirrored closet doors in the bedroom.... definitely NOT artistic. However, it did make the room look twice as big when I wasn't wearing my contact lenses! lol

  4. On the wall in my bedroom I took a giant mirror and brok it to pieces and the designed into the shape of a heart. I think it looks cute/artistic. Parts are big enough to function as a mirror to do my make up in and it reminds me to love what I see in the mirror.

  5. Years ago my mother bought the most hideous antique mirror I have ever seen in my life. I honestly did not know what she saw in the thing. She just smiled ( I was 14 and thought I knew everything) It sat in her room for a few weeks while she studied it. Finally one saturday she took it outside and broke out the paint remover. She asked if I wanted to help so I donned gloves and dove in. We removed 6 ( I think ) layers of paint. On the bottom of all that ugly mess (sea foam green or something like it) was this beautiful wooden frame. It had nautical details and an almost cherry like color. It hangs on the main wall in the living room with all our graduation pictures around it. It is my favorite piece and I so hope it gets passed down to me someday.

  6. Mirrors over dressers, chests or smaller console tables are great, especially if you put a small sculpture in front of them. The mirror lets you see it from all sides.

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