Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 113: Fun Fact Fridays!

Image found here.
"Legend has it that Archimedes used mirrors to set fire to Roman ships during the siege of Syracuse. Probably untrue, the story nonetheless inspired useful experiments for centuries."

This fun fact came from the book Mirror Mirror, by Mark Pendergrast.

UPDATE: Speaking of inspired experiments... check out this awesome "Annotated Mythbusters" report, busting the Archimedes myth: "Episode 46: Archimedes Death Ray Revisited"
(Thanks to "M" for directing me to this!)

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  1. Interesting that you should mention this today - some time last year
    I watched a MythBusters episode exploring this very, check
    into MythBusters - no recall on whether they were able to get the ship
    fires started regardless of how many hundred volunteers they had holding
    mirrors...I'm thinking it was a "no go"

  2. Hey Kjerstin! Its Portia, your old dissertation writing group friend (via Chi) :) I just hopped over here from your feminist/diet post (which i loved, by the way).. and I LOVE the mirror project. It made me rethink a few things, myself. Kudos on running with a brilliant thought. Also, congratulations on your engagement!! I wish you both every joy and happiness :)

  3. M - thanks for the insight. I checked out the mythbusters episode on this, and have added it to the post as a "For more information..." option!

    PORTIA!!! So good to hear from you! Are you done with the "big D" now??? I am still slugging through... Thanks for your kind note. :)

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  5. I do look in the rear-view mirrors of my car... but I only look at traffic, not my reflection!

  6. (If your rear view and side view mirrors reflect your face, you've got them adjusted wrong.)

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