Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 111: Three Cheating Confessions

As I mentioned in last week's post, "3 Reflections on 100 Days Without Mirrors," I've had a few slip-ups lately.  I thought ya'll might enjoy reveling in my ineptitude.

1) Shopping for wedding jewelry.
Several weeks ago I looked at wedding jewelry with my future mother-in-law, Sherry (of past Anthropologie try-on fame!).  We were only seeking inspiration.  Sherry, a former art teacher, is one of those amazing creative types who can make anything.  I asked (begged!) her to make my wedding jewelry, and she accepted. On her suggestion, we looked at some pre-made designs for inspiration.  I fell in love with this GORGEOUS coin-pearl necklace at Gumps.  Sherry took a photo on my iPhone, for her memory.  And then.... I totally peeked at it when nobody was looking!  Of course, Michael picked up the phone a few minutes later and I'd left the image up on the screen. Caught red-handed!   (But isn't that necklace sooo pretty!?!)

2) Clubbing (ad nauseam).
This guy would have been boring at Re-Tox.
(original image here)
A few weeks ago on a Friday night, Michael and I stumbled into this lounge called Re-Tox, and found ourselves in the midst of crazy-time.   The crowd could only be described as .... eclectic: lots of dreadlocks, a few mohawks, numerous combat boots, several clearly home-made (home-ruined?) body-piercings, and what looked to be a sprinkling of orgies in the club's dark corners.  

If you didn't know this already, Michael and I are total yuppie squares.  We were intimidated, but persevered.  After allowing the bouncer to stamp our stomachs for discounted admission (okay, we are cheap yuppie squares), we ordered a round of incredibly strong drinks and tried, hopelessly, to blend in.  Fast forward a few minutes, and suddenly I felt like Alice-in-Wonderland-After-TooManyMaiTais.  How much rum did she put in my drink!!?!  I glimpsed a poster advertising "Goth Swingers Night, THURSDAY!" (no joke) and bolted to the ladies room for a time-out.  Upon arrival, I went to a sink, splashed some water on my face, and looked up... into a mirror.  Oops.  Joke was on me: I looked like Alice-in-Wonderland-After-TooManyMaiTais: blonde, bewildered, bleary-eyed.  Time to go home!
Stunning Annie Leibovitz image found here.
3) Moving apartments (again!)
As happened the last time I moved, living in a new environment totally threw off my mirror-avoidance abilities.  We took the curtains off of the mirrors at our old place, and then took almost 2 weeks to put them back up at our new place.  The bad news: I've been cheating a lot over the past 1 1/2 weeks.  The good news: (a) the curtains went back up TODAY, and (b) I figured out how put on eyeliner sans-mirrors!  (This should come in handy for my DIY wedding day makeup!)

Thanks for your forgiveness (I hope!) in regard to these little dalliances I've been having with myself.  It was fun while it lasted, but I've renewed my vows and am newly re-committed!

Question - Have you ever cheated on YOURSELF, in any way?  I'd love to hear your own confessions!  :)

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  1. Well.... I've definitely cheated on diets before, but I cant' think of anything else. And cheating on diets is kind of unavoidable if you want to stay sane or go out with friends for a beer. so I don't think these slip-ups are too bad (and the 2nd one is TOO funny!). Keep it up, awesome project!

  2. So I am wondering... if you include both actual "cheats" and accidental glances (like, while walking down the street and seeing your reflection on a window), how many days do you think you've had without seeing yourself AT ALL??

  3. Heh, I can totally identify with #2! During my mirror fast I had a bit (okay, a lot) too much to drink, and on line for the ladies' room I got into this conversation with a bachelorette whose party was being held at the club we were at. She was super-drunk and kept on saying, "You're so pretty! And I'm pretty too! We're so pretty!" and taking pictures of us. (She was a total stranger, for the record. A very drunk stranger.) By the time I got to the restroom I was feeling "so pretty!" and when I was washing my hands I drunkenly smiled at myself in the mirror for a minute before I remembered the mirror fast (rum drinks, I have no defense) and literally yelled, "Oh shit!" and ran out of there to confess to my friend. And now, Kjerstin, I confess to you!

  4. Chrissy - Thanks for finding cheat #2 funny... I mostly just felt like a loser!

    Deena - That is a GREAT question. I wish I'd been taking more detailed notes each day! My guess... I probably see accidental "glimpses" of myself 4 days per week, but manage to avoid peering. Cheats, maybe once per week, at most. Often on the same day/time as "glimpses," since "glimpses" sometimes turn into "peering." I guess that means I get around 3 days/week of ZERO reflections (usually on days when I work from home).

  5. Autumn! Thanks for your "confession"! Geez, what is it with rum drinks?!? Glad to know I'm not the only one who can't help but peer at her bleary-eyed reflection in the wee hours of the morning... What were we thinking? What did we actually think we'd see??

    BTW - LOVE your current post on French Women/Style. I've recently been girl-crushing on Brigitte Bardot (wedding updo lust) and totally get what you're talking about.

  6. Readers, have no fear! Kjerstin always leaves a bread-crumb trail when she's being naughty, so I'll keep her honest.

    BTW My Dear - How can you call us yuppie squares?!? Perhaps YOU are, but I've got serious street cred! Who negotiated that sweet belly-stamp admissions discount? Yeah, me!

  7. Well, I've cheated on myself in a number of ways. The second story you recount above is totally forgivable.

  8. Just found your blog & I'm hooked... HOW can you live without mirrors??!

    Back to the beginning for me then to find out...

  9. Okay, I have a question, do you think that this exercise almost requires you to cheat, just like splurging on your diets every once and while and having some icecream. Isn't the key moderation--not to be so focused and so reliant on looks, but to accept yourself, your looks, body image as you are and strive to be healthy? (another friend of mine just started a blog about health/fitness/happiness!)

  10. Terri - thanks for your forgiveness on #2. :)

    Charis - So glad you found the site! I hope you're having fun getting all the dirty details and look forward to having you here more often!

  11. Paige! Hrmmmmm... I'm going to have to think about that. I do think some cheats are a bit inevitable, but it stinks when they happen because looking in the mirror is NOT the same as the urge to eat when I'm hungry (thank goodness!). It's definitely a process and perfection isn't the goal. That said, I WISH the whole world would cover their mirrors on my behalf because I truly would love to have huge chunks of time without even a glimpse of myself to see what it's like.

  12. "Question - Have you ever cheated on YOURSELF, in any way? I'd love to hear your own confessions!"
    Having a very big sweet tooth, I once made a vow to go without candy for a whole year. I almost stuck with it, until my cute little niece pushed a Pez dispenser my way and begged me to have one. Without thinking I popped one in my mouth, and set back my year by another 2 months.

    I did manage to skip the candy for the rest of the year, but substituted cake and cookies and ice cream for dessert, which I'd never had much interest in before, but felt the need for during the candy fast.

    End result: no weight loss (none needed), no change in cholesterol level (always good), and went back to buying and eating candy at the end of the year. But now I eat cake, ice cream and cookies, too!

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