Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 104: Mini-post (20X Mirrors. WTF?!?)

I spent some time in Bed Bath & Beyond today.  I was picking up some supplies for a few upcoming B.B.C.T.G. challenges, and ran into THIS TERRIFYING ABOMINATION:
Warning: do NOT use this product unless
you have already photo-shopped your face.

Yes, you are looking at a small handheld mirror with....


To illustrate just how ridiculous that is, I placed my left thumb on top of the mirror, and then positioned it to reflect the fingers on my other hand while I snapped the photo.  This is INSANE, no?

I avoided these kinds of mirrors even before I started this project and advise you to do the same unless you actually enjoy seeing all the way down to the bottom of your pores (not recommended.  it's impossible.  they're all full of gunk.  how do you think Biore makes so much $$ with those nose strip thingys?).

Oh, and FYI, I've determined that it is not cheating for me to see my hands reflected in a mirror since I can look at them whenever I want to anyway. Capisci?

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  1. I worked in the health care industry for many years, these mirrors come in handy for people who are legally blind. It allows them to see if their hair is combed.

  2. I scoffed at magnifying mirrors for decades. Until I hit the age where my eyes stopped focusing closely enough to see my face in the mirror. For fine work, like eye-lining and eyebrow plucking, I'd be lost without my mirror. Though it is only 3x, not 20x.

    BTW, here's something Dear Abby shared years ago and I've had it taped to my mirror ever since:

    "Mirror" by Cary Fellman

    "My face in the mirror
    isn't wrinkled or drawn.
    My house isn't dirty,
    the cobwebs are gone.
    My garden looks lovely
    and so does my lawn.
    I think I will not
    put my glasses back on."

    Perhaps instead of avoiding mirrors, we should get ourselves a pair of soft-focus contact lenses. Or smear vaseline on our spectacles!

  3. Or just try to look at ourselves and our surroundings a bit less critically.

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