Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 76: BBCTG Task 3 (Radical Hair Experimentation)

On Tuesday I tried Yoga without mirrors, finding the experience to be both lovely and funny.  On Wednesday I enjoyed an evening with zero wedding planning (one of many that I enjoy each week).  Today, I tackled my third task (out of 37) from The Knot's Bridal Beauty: Countdown to Gorgeous.   Here were my instructions:
"Want to grow out your hair or try a new color or cut?  Talk to your stylist and start experimenting now."
This one proved to be a challenge.  First of all, I wasn't quite sure I wanted to do ANYTHING new with my hair.  This is what my hair looked like (on a good day) before I began my year with out mirrors.
FYI, I am the chic.  The dude is my fiancé, Michael.
This is a typical length for me, though it's been much shorter and much longer at different times in my adult life.  You're looking at my natural color and texture, enhanced a bit from a professional blowdry + shot of hairspray.  And, you know what?  I like my hair!  Other than times when I've messed with it in a stupid way (home hair-coloring anybody?), I haven't had many reasons to complain.  So... why start "experimenting" just because The Knot say's it's time to try something new?

And then I thought about it a bit more, and realized that I've really missed the small ways I typically experiment with my hair on a weekly basis.  As a shower-at-night kind of gal, I've typically woken up in the morning, peered into my bathroom mirror, assessed the state of affairs, and decided at that time whether it would be a hair-up day, a hair-down day, a messy bed-head day, a sleek and smooth day, or some other variation in styling.

My hair-styling habits have been based on this pattern of visual assessment.  Now that I can't see myself I've become fairly impotent with brush, dryer, and my various hair-gooks.  And so, this is what my hair probably looks on 95% of days since the project started.
If you're wondering, YES.  I drink wine constantly.
It helps me cope with the anxiety of not knowing
whether my ponytail is smooth or bumpy.
There's nothing wrong with this look.  I like it.  Simple and fast.  Yet, I've missed the "who knows what it'll look like today!" spontaneity.   Hairstyling (or, more accurately, lack thereof) has been one of the more mood-dampening parts of this project.

And so today's assigned task became more intriguing.  How could I experiment with my hair in a way that actually gave me some creative pleasure, without doing anything stupid or expensive?  I was wary to make my hair-styling situation any more complicated or mysterious, so getting new haircut seemed foolhardy.  New hair color was also axed, since I like my natural color and am not interested in making a drastic change just to have something to write about.  Simply styling my hair differently (or at all!) seemed promising, but sadly lacked the potential of enjoying my creative expression.  I was stumped.  

And then a friend suggested that I "try one of those online makeover websites."  AHA!  A quick google search landed me on, and within minutes I had uploaded my plain ponytail photo and was experimenting away!  Risk: low.  Creativity: high!  Here are a few or my favorites, inspired by The Knot's suggestions.

1) "grow out your hair"
Okay, yeah.. you can't see how long it is, but trust me - it's LONG! 
Yeah, I could grow it out.  OR, I could just morph Ashley Tisdale's hair onto my face!  Oooh la la luscious!

2) "try a new color"
Ummm... I kind of love it!
I've always thought of myself as having a stereotypical fiesty redhead's personality.  Thanks to Tila Tequila (yes, you read that right), I got to see for myself!

3) "or cut"
Can I add the bangs, but keep my length?  Inspired...
Bangs!  Bob!  Platinum!  Anna Faris, you look good on me.

Yep, this was completely awesome.  Not only did I get a huge endorphin rush from all my creativity, but I surprised myself by developing a girl-crush on myself with Tila Tequila's coppery shade.  I decided to take her out on a date, so I added a dose of "tasteful yet sexy" makeup for a bit of pizazz.   What do you think??
In closing, this was incredibly fun, and also informative and inspiring!  I especially loved how this activity brought out my creativity and self expression without even a blip of negative body talk.  I'm pretty sure I'll come back to for a more serious stab when planning for bridal hair styles and makeup.   Fantastic!

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  1. I realize you're just dabbling with this, playing around and having fun, at least I hope you are!
    A bride should strive to look like herself on her big day, not like someone else. Herself, just the best self she can be. (You want to recognize the bride in your wedding album, don't you?)

    Of all the pictures you show here, I like the first one the best. It seems to me that you have figured out "your look" quite well, and don't need to morph into someone new.

    BTW, what does M think of the alternate you's?

  2. I agree that a bride should look natural. My no make-up, ponytail/bun sister went with the linged out diva look for her wedding. People still see their wedding pix and ask who the bride is...

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