Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 12 - Short and Sweet, Research Plans

The nerd in me feels ill-equiped to write about my own experiences with(out) mirrors, when I know so little about their role in lives apart from mine.   I decided that I need some historical context to understand the role of mirrors in the modern world, in general.  Hopefully this will in form how they've shaped my life, in particular.
So, I've ordered the following books from Amazon.  Once they arrive I'll dive in one-by-one, and report back if I find anything blog-worthy!

The New York Times Book Review described the book as "An entire liberal arts education... Anyone who masters the contents of Mirror Mirror need never fear Trivial Pursuit again."  This sounds a bit intimidating.  The last time I worked through a  liberal arts education it took 4 years!  Still, sounds promising.... and a lot less expensive.

Next up: The Mirror: A History, by Sabine Melchoir-Bonnet

According to my local Los Angeles Times, "The Mirror is an amusing jewel of a book, a sparkling reflection of the history of the mirror in Europe, and the role of the mirror in European imagination.  Sabine Melcoir-Bonnet moves elegantly from the techniques of creating mirrors to their role in fashion, art, philosophy, the occult and religion... One also senses this spookiness in that chilling fairy tale question, Mirror, Mirror on the wall/Who's the fairest one of all?  Such cultural echoes seem endless in Melchoir Bonnet's The Mirror, which enthralls and instructs even as it glitters."

Finally..... Blogging All-In-One For Dummies, by Susan Gunelius

Yeah, I know this book isn't about mirrors.  Don't worry I won't report back about what I learn from this one.  Yet, you'll know I've mastered it when you inexplicably become wildly obsessed with this blog.  We can only hope!

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  1. Is the entire liberal arts education in one book any good?

  2. it's excellent! I'm overwhelmed by facts... :)

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