Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 5 - The Rules

Good Morning!

A lot of folks have been asking me about the "rules" of this project.  I'll be updating the list as a "final" version soon, but here's what things are looking like for now.  Please give me feedback if you think I've forgotten anything!

1) I'm allowing myself an approximate 1-month transitional period.  This is when I'll figure out how to navigate/avoid mirrors in my daily life, and how to apply make-up, style my hair, put in contacts, etc. without using a mirror.

2) Reflective surfaces do "count".  Window shopping may become tricky... :(

3) I will use the rear- and side-view mirrors when driving.  I just can't use them to check myself out!

4) I'm allowing myself to see my shadow. 

5) When using skype or other video-chat programs, I will disable features that allow me to see my own image.

6) Blogging: I'm planning to post 2-3 times per week, aiming for a ratio of 2 "personal" posts + 1 "educational" post.  "Personal" posts will discuss my experiences.  "Educational" posts will explore interesting tidbits I learn about mirrors along the way - from history, literature, and art, to psychological research and sociological theory!

Finally.... I have not figured out what to do about photos and digital cameras.  I've decided I can't give up having my picture taken, but I'm not sure how long I should have to wait before seeing pictures of myself.  1 day?  1 week?  1 month?  At the end of the project?  

Have I forgotten anything from this list?

What do YOU think?

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  1. I don't think you should be able to look at pictures of yourself at all during the year. Then at the end of your project, we'll throw a big party and celebrate with wedding photos!! I think it's really great you are doing this, and it is inspiring to all of us. I think we are all guilty of "zooming in" on ourselves in pictures and cropping ourselves out of them- no matter how long we wait to see them. Not to torture you, but you should put yourself to the challenge!!

  2. I think you might be on to something there, but it scares me! If you feel strongly, you should rallying our friends and family to vote with you. :)

  3. Oh my gosh oh my gosh I am so excited for your project! (I'm from The Beheld, doing the monthlong mirror fast.) And HA I love that you've already thought of the shadow! Yesterday was my Day 1 and I saw my shadow and felt trapped! If anything new comes up I'll let you know so you can come up with a workaround!

    I look forward to being in touch about this--I'm so glad to have met you!

  4. I know my reaction is a bit late, but I just discovered your blog -
    as to the photos, I'm thinking maybe it's important to not kick too much of a fuss about 'seeing them the first time'. It will become such a big deal, then. Or it might, anyway. On the other hand, it seems right that you wouldn't see your picture during the project. Or maybe this rule only applies to new pictures?
    Anyway, I know, for me, that I am always very critical about the way I look in pictures taken recently. I have noticed that when a picture is older (a coupple of months, even), my judgment is softer - I seem to be remembering the occasion the picture was taken, instead of criticizing my looks.
    I don't know - maybe it's ok to see pictures after a couple of weeks or months and stay neutral about them(although I guess your wedding pictures would be a big deal anyway).

    Good luck! Nice project -

  5. I am really curious about one thing: What do you do about your eyebrows and upper-lip hair? I get them waxed every few months or so, but I do the regular upkeep in between visits. This means I pluck a few stray eyebrow hairs every day. I think this project is great and I want to do it, too, but the facial hair thing is my greatest fear about it.

  6. In regards to the photos. I ALWAYS hated EVERY picture I was in...until my mother died. No I look at every photo and just tell myself that someday someone is going to love having me in pictures so I look good in all of them. And I really am staring to believe that. Good luck.

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  9. Wow, people can be so ugly. It's quite sad how no one can be supportive these days even if they don't understand it. That is what makes you ugly on the inside. When you have nothing nice to say and can only cut people down. I'll pray for you.

  10. C'mon, are you kidding me? What is wrong with people? So sad. Stop with the insane comments and get a life! seriously ridiculous, lol.

  11. Wow.. that person who posted above clearly has some mental problems! It actually seems that he/she is a person who is pretty jealous that you are getting your PhD and perhaps a tenured position... is this someone you know that has always been jealous of you?? Well anyway, you are neither fat nor ugly! I looked at your picture and thought, wow.. well she doesn't even need to look in a mirror or even bother with make up because she's a beautiful girl! Best of luck to you in this endeavor.. what an excellent reminder to us all to be less vain.

  12. Interesting project, just found out about it reading something on Yahoo and it had a link to your blog (which I am now hooked on) LOL! looking forward to catching up and reading your progress. Good Luck on all of it...

  13. I may be late, but I had this idea on my own and then discovered your blog. It feels amazing knowing someone out there is feeling the same. You've inspired me to do it myself :)

  14. Saw Kjerstin on Jeff Probst show...5/14/13. Yes! Im looking forward to reading more of your may have put word to ideas/feelings I held strongly concerning women in all the arena of our gender....I once had a short time without a mirror.. in actuality, it was without a full length began to make a difference on my self image, a freedom of sorts, perhaps from all the vanity that is carried with self absorption...positive or critical...I look forward to your expression

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